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Sonic weapon – a cry for help.

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Aug 24, 2007
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protection against sonic weapons

I am posting this letter having hope that your skills and knowledge of electronic applications will help me to find some solution to circumstances I am victim to. I even hope that you have patience to read this elaborate latter; my goal with it is to give you precise and detailed description of circumstances in question.

A few months ago I got surprising problems with my hearing, and other strange bodily sensations that plague me systematically since then. The symptoms are sudden, unexplained impairments of hearing ability, as if some sort of ear plugs been pressed in into my ears, which causes also pain in the area around the ears. This often occurs together with other phenomenon, a sudden feeling of warmth that hit a face. Not before long I become conscious that these symptoms occur only when an extreme intensive, high frequency sound emission in some totally unexplained way is penetrating my flat. This sound is a sort of massive, whistling hiss that sounds extremely high and light; it is practically unheard outside the house, masked by everyday sounds, but it is perceived inside it, when isolated from the outside noises, and also when my bodily reactions to this sound make me aware of it.

This noise makes sleep impossible – it does not allow you to fall asleep, and it wakes you immediately when it is set up while you are sleeping. I have tried ear plugs – they do not work, they isolate other sounds but not this hiss. Sometimes, when this noise emission is extremely intensive, I feel like having my body set in vibration, it get warm as when you have a high fever, and at the same time my heart changes its beat pattern; it works heavily and irregular. And it causes then such pressure on ears that it feels as if my head is going to explode. What is more, from time to time this hiss contains a clearly perceived pure ton, only applied a few seconds during which it causes a terrible, unbearable pain in the ears, as if some sort of a sharp pointed item been hammered into my ears.

I have got already my hearing damaged. A medical examination including audio graph has shown that only during a period of 3 months I lost 10dB of my hearing ability, I hear the real life sounds distorted and have constantly occurring pain in and around my ears. And this physical suffering that this sound attack causes me I am simply not able to find right words to describe. If it is not stopped I can be deaf in a year or two.

I have investigated all the circumstances that can be taken into account in order to find the source of this sound emission, and found out that it has to come from some apparatus, from a high frequency directed sound generator, a construction that probably includes an electron tube. This apparatus has been installed in a terrace of a neighbour house, ca 8 meters from my one, and directed against my bedroom window.

My observations based on my bodily reactions allow me to make following description of this sound generator:

1.It can be turned on and off.
2.The level of this sound emission is constant, I mean this hiss is kept steadily in the same frequency level range, it does not get higher or lower.
3.The intensity of this sound emission can be regulated; it can be less or more intensive, (weaker or more massive or strong)
4.This generator can produce a separate, particular pure tone that modulates with the hiss.
5.The level of this sound emission is constant, but sometimes it gets a “waving” character, alternately slightly higher and lower, similar to sinus graph.
6.Switch-over between 2, 4 and 5 is probably done with a remote controller

There is no doubt that this generator has been designed by a specialist with a medical knowledge of sound and its effect upon human body, and it is meant to be a tool to assault and hurt human beings. This type of electronic construction is classified as “sonic weapon” in military terms.

I have contacted police and made a report, but they refused to start investigation – they don’t believe in existence of this sort of electronic devices in everyday life that can be used to assault people. This is up to me to deliver evidence, strong enough one to make the police to act.

And this why I am writing this letter. I would like to ask you to help me in a following way:

1. to give me an advice what sort of measuring instrument I have to use to prove that this sound aggression takes place and in order to state sound frequencies, its intensity and direction, and to indicate the source of it and its location.

2. I live in Sweden. If you have contacts with constructors of electronic sound sources, or similar speciality, in Sweden, on professional or expert level, whom I could consult this case with, please be kind and ask the person if this would be possible.

Thank you for your understanding

sonic emission weapon

do you know the frequecy range of generated sound? what is the sound generator function? for what it was used by your neighbor?


Post pictures of the device in question. Ask your neighbour what is that device.

sonic generator wapon

If this is an electrical phenomena the just get a large sheet of
copper and connect the copper to an Earth ground in your home.
when you feel the hiss/sensation in your head ,wrap the "Grounded"
copper sheet around you or your head. If it's electrical it will either
send the signal to ground or heat up the copper.

sound of human cry for help

You could wrap tin foil around your head and then use a wire with alligator clips to attach it (the foil) to a good Ground point........COME ON you ae making a bunch of irrational assumptions. If you have any questions about this you should go over to your neighbors and kindly introduce yourself and talk to them about it.
I have experianced effects from "ELF" these signals are generated by governments to comunicate through the earth to submarines. the noise is a hum, and it resonates at a low frequency. It sometimes gets so bad that my body starts to shake resonating with it. My dogs feel it too. It could also be coming from train tracks they ( Trains and Train Stations) communicate using low frequencies that run through the tracks. This can be felt miles from the tracks. for mor info on this phenomenon go here:

sonic weapon brain damage

do you know the frequecy range of generated sound? what is the sound generator function? for what it was used by your neighbor?

I am afraid I am not able to answer your question – I simply do not know and can not get these details from my neighbour. I can only confirm that this sound is audible, and because it is a high frequency hiss, its frequency range is probably +/- 10 kHz – this is my guess.
Thank you for your reply

protextion against sonic weapon

it sounds like you need a pace maker as
your hearts control mechanisms are being weekened

perhaps you have a blocked artery and some plaques are being realised in the bload flow to the brain this will cause a severe tinitus attack and also would explain irithmia and the fever you explained
a small tumor/cist in the brain can also cause these efects
once removed youll be fine

i would like you to see a specialist to have your body xrayed to see if there is a blockage most time a stint is all thats needed
left unchecked you could suffer bad brain damage or death

sonic wepons exist in the military but are experimental and quite short range
usualy they blow your clothes off and render you very week ,, ?{a weekness attack} so your naked and disoriented
use google look for sonic ++ pulse ++ wepons =! here is a good start

so unless there is an army low loader parked outside dragging behind it a large mobile generator you have nothing to fear

a first step is obvious simply record the noise set up a tape recorder or use windows when an attack occurs start it running or monitor for pulses

this way you can eliminate madness and delusions as a cause with some cold hard facts
then post an mp3 here

Post a picture. Do you know the neighbor? Is he an engineer?

We might be able to suggest countermeasures if we knew more about it. A beamed microwave source pointed back at him might do the trick!

change your home, go to new location that it is not opened to other people that you do not know them,and the home have enough protection against sound ultrasonic ,high power microwaves!

It is safe to chinge to new place and inform police and other offices for that problem with scientific documents.

…sound ultrasonic, high power microwaves.

What measuring instrument should be used to trace and measure this sort of sound emission?

I have in my hands a scientific rapport on ultrasound waves effect on human body in industrial environments, and the symptoms they discuss are similar to mine..

Do you beleive in lord?
If you do ...

Meditiate on the sound and be in its resonance !

This above line may be a bit confusing ... I guess it will be easier and understandable to write in a simple manner!!

Assume this ultrasonic sound as the sound from lord and love it while meditiating on it and understand it as his sweet will ! No such sound will affect your health if you become firm and love it!

Plz do this untill you find a scintific method!

and i beleive you will not need any....

I have seen number of ppl getting cured by this energy of love and meditation magically in Golden Temple Amritsar, Punjab . India !

Plz forgive me if i sounded stupid to you.. but I guesss this is what god may have instructed me to do in such situation!

May he bless you!

Added after 2 minutes:

Although peace is in heart yet you will be able to find it in a peaceful surrounding ( if u cnt cncentrate in home u cn go to sm place fr few days )

…sound ultrasonic, high power microwaves.

What measuring instrument should be used to trace and measure this sort of sound emission?

I have in my hands a scientific rapport on ultrasound waves effect on human body in industrial environments, and the symptoms they discuss are similar to mine..

Take a picture and post it here. We are all curious, but also suspect that you are full of s**t

The police should investigate this. You have a legal right to occupy your home in peace and quiet.

there is only 1 person who can help you now - Almighty ( lord)!

in my understading, your story is fake.
dont get angry, this could be wrong but let me explain you, why i think so.

A :
the intensity you've described must be distubing other nighbours as well, unless you and your nighbours are the only two people in your given area.
Distubence is caused by frequency. Pain is caused by intensity. You get disrubence plus pain .. your other nighbours would at least hear the sound of that very frequency, at least, if they dont get the pain. You mentioned that you have tried to investigate but didn't mention whether your other nighbours have same or similer problem.
You have lost 10dB .. it IS a big problem !!

B :
You have searched in internet and found this Forum in order to find the solution. You must have also discussed with you other colleags / friends / relatives. I am wondering, how is it possible that you couldn't find any solution from persons in your social circle ?
You have lost 10dB .. it IS a big problem !!

C :
you wrote
and found out that it has to come from some apparatus, from a high frequency directed sound generator, a construction that probably includes an electron tube.
A tube ?? How did you come to this point ? You must have a good understanding of sounds, their properties and relative topics, otherwise someone special has told you ( and logically, also explaind you the stuff after having found the TUBE). Any case .. the person who has that much understanding can with little or more-than-little effort make such a device to prove the fact, i mean, your problem.
Remember ? You have lost 10dB .. it IS a big problem !!

D :
here in germany, even on weekends, if i hear music loud enough to disturb my nighbour can let the police take my Stereo Set away from me. I think, sweeden has almost the same rights for their citizens, and i am sure .. if that would happen in germany, police would be more keen to find out the source than me.

In my opinion, you have found such a device or made one somehow , and now trying to figure out, how can it be caught by others.

10db loss of hearing in 3 months! Can you scan and post any medical document that would substantiate your claim (of this hearing loss). Also maybe you should see a doctor to get the wax in your ears cleaned out. A 10db down in hearing is like sticking a small wad of toilet paper in your ears. Was this 10db down in both ears or just one ear? A build up of ear wax could do this.

Note: I am adding a PDF attachment of the only known device in the world that could do this. It is bigger than a patio (well most patio's) and it costs more money than your nieghbor would make in 5 lifetimes. Enjoy


Hi All,

Ya it's quite irritating when people speak strange things like this...!!!

I wonder what any of our Moderator(s) have to say about this...!!!


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