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Solid copper pour area in PADS

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Jul 27, 2007
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pads copper pour

I have a 4 layer PCB with internal power and ground planes. Now I wanted to flood all the empty space on the top and bottom layers with ground planes as well.

I made a copper pour area and used the flood command which did the trick except that it uses a hatching pattern instead of a solid pattern. I have tried to change it but for some reason it doesn't seem to be possible unless I make it a plane.

Does that mean I have to change the layers to mixed/split plane in the layer stack-up instead of routing plane to be able to do a solid fill?

I am assuming this hatching pattern is actual artwork and not just how PADS display flooded areas.

Added after 2 hours 40 minutes:

I made all 4 layers into MIXED/SPLIT planes and assigned three of the planes to ground and one to power. Then used the pour manager to connect all four planes and now they are all solid (except for a few places where the plane is very thin and the round aperture or whatever it is doesn't really fit).

Is there any danger in doing this? If not, why is there any point of defining any layers to anything other than mixed/split planes since I don't have to fill them anyway if I don't want filling for some reason?

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