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Software to control stepper motors dependently by pressing keys

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Feb 18, 2022
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God bless you,
do you know software to control at least 5 stepper motors by pressing keys on keyboard? I mean if I press "1" on keyboard, 1st motor will move 5 mm, 2nd motor - 4 mm, 3rd motor - 7 mm etc.
I think the best solution is to code a program in eg. C++ and upload it to a microcontroller which controls motors. Are there better ideas?
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That’s one way. You could also get a multi-axis stepper controller (don’t think you’ll find 5-axis, though) and connect that to your computer.

There are CNC software packages, some are free designed for creating small machine tools, though there is a learning curve involved.
Some info here:

Can you be more specific about pressing a button and the relationship
to the 5 steppers... Are they to step their first step in synch ? What controls
the differential number of steps between motors ? Current requirement of
steppers ? 4 or 5 winding steppers ?

Regards, Dana.

No, they won’t step in synch. They’ll do it simultaneously due to C++, so after executing command for first motor to move, next motor will step.
Differential numbers of steps between motors depend on amounts of impulses for each one in regard to pressed key.
Machine, which I have to program, will come soon, but I don’t know how many winding steppers it has. It wasn’t ordered by me, but by my parent.

Now I would like to know which PLC could do what I want with stepper motors.
The project has changed:
  • motors will make defined amounts of steps by a chosen program;
  • if I choose program 1 after choosing program 10, motors will move to default position.

You’re all over the place. it’s impossible to figure out what you want.

you start out asking about software. Now, out of nowhere, you’re asking about “what PLC to get”.

Start over.

CLEARLY state what hardware you’re thinking of using, and what you want it to do.

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