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SMART card Specification

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Jun 29, 2012
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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I recently worked with SCOSTA v1.2b spec contact smart card, After understanding the card structure as follows....

The Card has MF(Master File) with security environment EF(elementary file),
So a MF 3F00(location of all smart card files are with two bytes...???) with FCP(file control Parameters) set with 8D(Security templates) pointing to 3F03(another EF which has the security template of MF 3F00 used to Internal, External and Mutual Authentication) and this EF can have its Key written on any place of the card.

my doubt was, the security template written in the card SE(security environment, in my case it was 3F03) has a key reference to the location of key written on the card(in my case it was with EF 3F02 and refers to 81, 82, 83 and 85 totally four keys) I came to know this my help of the SCOSTA spec document and the FCP attribute 83(file identifier) which points to the mentioned keys.

the problem was when i change the key reference values from 85 to XX(for example I changed to 05) but now also I am able to authenticate... can anyone help me out on this....???

Note: I dono on which thread I have to post, but after searching for smart card related queries most of the questions were posted under micro controller thread so I posted here.

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