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Small question re. AutoTRAX

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Dec 3, 2002
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autotrax forum

Hi forum.

I'd like to know whether can I produce the gerber data with AutoTRAX.
Someone who have the expirience with AutoTRAX or PCB experts,
please let me know this.
If possible, also let me know how can I do this suite to produce the PCB
at the PCB manufacturers. Is ther no ways?

Thanks in advance.
Good luck.

p.s. For your reference, if you don't know the AutoTRAX you may see
this at

Hi, all

No rlys, umhhhh.
AutoTRAX support format their zzz.pcb format.
Actually, I'd like to ask helps for this format can read by EC@M.
Someone who have expirence with AutoTRAX or PCB experts, please let me know this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Cheolim.

Are you talking about Protel AutoTRAX.
Is so yes it can produce gerber files and drill files . It is a little messy because you have to create and aperture table before you can create gerber output files.
Protel99 will import earlier format files, you may find it easier to find somebody with99SE that can create the gerbers for you.

Phil :)


The AutoTRAX you are asking about is a different product than the old Protel Autotrax, yours is a full function EDA package and gives you all the tools you need to produce gerbers and supporting fab documentation for board shops - try downloading the documentation from


Sad news for any Autotrax users (not the Protel version).

It has now gone to a pay for package.
It is no longer free.

The guy has used the Yahoo forum to improve it and is no charging them all money to use it.

I think that they are a bit pi$$ed off.

Especially since it is not fully functional nor working 100% now.

However, I dare say that it will not be long before someone manages to bypass its security and enable it fully.

Not open for further replies.

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