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small ac generator problemm

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Zara Zara

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Apr 6, 2015
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Hello guys,

I want to buy for my project a small ac generator to have a 12VAC to 18VAC per example and power of 10 W

where can I buy this tiny generator .

I tried to make a BLDC motor as a generator by using an ac drill but the result is 3 VAC on 25 rps I think .

so please has anyone an idea about small generator or alternator ?

thank you in advance



What is your input power?
What output frequency?

Do you need to adjust amplitude?

There are several ways:
* The easiest way is just to use a transformer to step down main voltage.
* you could use your PC sound card and an audio amplifier...
* you could use a programmable alternator and a transformer
* you could use an synchronous AC generator with excitation winding.



the input power is a blower.
frequency 50 hz or more , no problem it will be rectified.
No problem, I think that the synchronous ac generator with excitation winding is a good idea, but where can i find an ac Generator or alternator of 10 w to 20 w 18v per example .

thank you


Ah, now i see, you want a generator as power supply....
I misunderstood, sorry.

You rectify... is DC also possible? With a brushed DC motor?

yes, 10..20W AC with excitation will be hard to find. Generators for bicycles will have permanent magnet. Wind generators have much more power rating...
Stepper motors have permanent magnets...

Building yourself ... but is it worth the effort for 10...20W?
Other power source? Solar panel? Water?


The only place which generates AC at this power level is the mag generator found in some small motor bikes, or used to be found! My Honda C50 step through had DC indicators and brake lights but AC headlights. The problem is the generator is built inside the flywheel which is within the engine housing. So get a scrapped engine and remove everything that is not used for the generator.


Thank you Chuckey, I will think about your suggestion .

Klaus , If the DC can do the job no problem but what about the size of the motor ?

any other suggestion ??

thank you


Klaus , If the DC can do the job no problem but what about the size of the motor ?
You should tell us... Till now you never spoke about size.
There will be many different DC motors with about 10W available.
But i don´t know if they all can be used as generator.


Aha ok , so I will search about that , I liked your idea.

thank you .

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