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[SOLVED] skill code to display a specific coordinate

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Jan 13, 2011
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i have lowerleft and upperright coordinates saved in variables.
and i need a skill function to display the coordinates.

i dont wanna enter the coordinates somewhere and display it. i need a code!!!


I'm not sure I get it:
- do you want to display a specific region of a layout given the LL and UR coordinates?
- do you want to print the coordinate to screen?

Please clarify

(And also, to give you a piece of code, you would probably have to tell us how the coordinates are saved in your variables.)

This would be one... but... probably as simple snippet as this would not be what you want?
However, I would like to recommend to dump info to the CIW rather than trying some fancy popup window. Secondly, another nice feature is to use the ruler tool to display some certain areas. You could for example write a snippet that creates four indicators of your box, or even draws the box using the ruler layer (no need to open the layout view in write mode).

;; xLL and yLL have to be defined
(setq LL (list xLL yLL))

;; xUR and yUR have to be defined
(setq UR (list xUR yUR))

(printf "::> LL: %L -- UR: %L\n" LL UR)


(defun printCoords (LL UR)
(printf "LL: %L :: UR: %L \n" LL UR)

and then tie printCoords to one of your bindkeys, where you cleverly have to direct your input parameters LL and UR to the function.

i already have coordinates and want to display a specific region of a layout.
so it is first item.

i have 4 variables l,d,r and u (left,down,right,up)
i am writing a skill script and i will use the code as a part of it.
this is my first script so maybe it can be a simple code
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so in that case, you just want to zoom to a certain area? Try:


and then, for example, (from the top of my head)

(hiZoomAbsoluteScale getCurrentWindow() 1)
(hiZoomIn getCurrentWindow() (list (list LEFT DOWN) (list RIGHT UP)))

Probably you need to do some adjustments to that snippet, but at least the two hiZoomAbsoluteScale and hiZoomIn should be able to get you further.
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thanks a lot jix
it works.

the second code is enough.
(hiZoomIn getCurrentWindow() (list (list LEFT DOWN) (list RIGHT UP)))

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