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simulating monopole ultra wideband antenna using IE3D

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Dec 3, 2007
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uwb antenna design


Please i need help from everyone in this respected forum.
I tried many times to simulate monopole ultra wideband antenna using IE3D program but i failed and i want know the reason so i attached file that indicates figure design and S11 result for antenna design but my result is different that gives multiband frequency. Thanks for yours efforts.

ε r = 4.65 , h = 1.5 mm

The dimension of the ground plane is chosen to be (30 x 11.5) mm2 in this study.

The original design has a rectangular radiator with a width (w) of 15 mm and a length (l) of 12 mm.

The feed width (wf) is set to be 3 mm and the feed length (fl) is set to be 12.5 mm. The first and third notch dimensions are (1 x 1) mm2 and the second notch is (1 x 1.5) mm2.

Re: UWB antenna using Zeland

Hi, eng_romeo:

It seems to me your description on the structure is not complete. At least, it is not scaled. I tried to build the 1-notch case. It is quite wide band while it may not be exactly like what you show. My files are attached.

Best regards,


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Re: UWB antenna using Zeland

Dear Dr.Jain,

Many Thanks Dr.Jain for your fast response . I tried again to simulate UWB antenna but with the different result than you and i know my result is faulse but i don't know the reason. i notice that define port in my simulation with De-Embedding arm length is different than define port in your simulation ,my simulation have 3 polygons define but in your simulation have 4 polygons define and i make sigma (0,0) for the ground and i attached my simulation to tell me the reasone of different between our results.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Re: UWB antenna using Zeland

i need ur paper so please upload it as early as possible.........and also ur design equations

Re: UWB antenna using Zeland

if urs is a microstrip feed use negative port for ground plane .....
in ur fig u didnt use negative port for gnd plane,so do use that one
u will get for sure

i am uploading geo file with negative port

for better help upload ur paper

hi ngstty...the width of negative port must not be same as positive port ?
pls clarify my doubt

no need of assigning widths to the ports ..
assign ports to microstrip feed and the ground plane..

Thanks a lot for replying...

later i studied ie3d manual...they suggested to use vertical or horizonal polarized feeding when it is finite ground plane for better accuracy...

Thanks a lot for replying...

later i studied ie3d manual

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