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sim908 lat,long 0.000000,0.000000

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engineer khan

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Aug 31, 2012
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i did all the attempts to get lat, long but it gives all the other parameters but does not give lat long, lat,long are 0.000000,0.00000 please help,

Would be a good idea to show a few lines of SIM908 GPS output.

when I give AT command "AT+CGPSINF=2" it returns


this is the result every time, i kept it in outer place for half an hour and more but still it gives the same result initially it gives the right value but after one and half hour it got hung then i changed the program, from that time it gives this result i tried all the things from a week but not solved

"2,235956,0.000000,N,0.000000,E,0,0,99.989998,187. 000000,M,-187.000000,M,,"

The most interesting parameter of the $GPGGA response is Satellites Used = 0. So there's most likely a problem with your receiver antenna.


Indeed an antenna issue could be your problem. But just in case:
Are you using your GPS in open air or in your lab?
I'm asking this question because it happened to me that somebody reported GPS malfiunction,
but the guy was trying to use it in his lab in the basement, therefore no satellites in view.
Are you sure that in your "outer place", satellites could be caught? If the sensitivity
is not optimal, even trees could mask the signal.


What kind of antenna do you use.? If you use an active external antenna that works at 2.8v, just connect the GPS-VANT-OUT and the GPS-VANT-IN pin directly. If the antenna's operating voltage is greater than 2.8v, just provide an external voltage to the GPS-VANT-IN pin ( even the VBAT will be good).
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