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Silkscreen linewidth in Allegro footprints (symbols)

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Leonard K

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Aug 28, 2009
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I have a bunch of symbols with "zero" silkscreen linewidth in Allegro. I see no way to change this linewidth globally in the layout, and I see now way to change this linewidth while editing an individual footprint (symbol). I dread having to re-draw all the silkscreen for many footprints (symbols). Is there an easy way to globally change the linewidth within each footprint (symbol) ?

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set the units to mils ,Make only silkscreen visible by colors option and then go to Edit->change,select Class(package geometry) and Sub-class Silkscreen top from Options,click only Lines by find filter.

now in Option select line width to 6mil or 8mil whatever your standard then select the all the lines by dragging the cursor totally thats it now every thing will be changed.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks very much for the help. That almost did it. The linewidth of the standalone line segments changed, but not the linewidth of the line segments in the shapes (mostly rectangles). I tried adding "Cline Segs" and "Other Segs" to the filter in addition to "Lines" and "Shapes", but it keeps showing this error:

"Shape line width cannot be changed."

I verified that the class of the shape is Package Geometry and the subclass is Silkscreen, just as with the standalone line segments.

When I do a "i" on a standalone line segment, a "width" property appears in the information. When I do a "i" on the shape, it also has a "width" property on all of its segments. So if it bothers to list the width of them, I think there must be a way of changing it.

I'll keep hunting around in the menus. Maybe there is a global shape linewidth setting.

BTW, when I add a line, it gives me the option of specifying its width. When I add a rectangle it only gives me the option of changing the "line font" (ie: solid, hidden, etc.).

- Leonard

I tihnk there is an option in allegro when you generate gerbers which chnages all zero width lines to assigned value try that becuase even if you have zero width on you board you will have defined width in your gerbers.

Correct in artwork windows when chossing the silk film, You should approx midth down to the right see a line saying "zero width line", put Your size in here.

Shape cannot be changed that way. Choose the shape and right click to select preferences, now at one the taps You should see size for border line, change it and press ok, now go to next shape.

This also tells that rectangles should be made by 4 lines and not by the "command" as it translates to a shape :-(.

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