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Several questions on Orcad9.2

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Nov 4, 2004
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I've been bothering by some quesions of Orcad for a long time. I've tried to find answer in books but failed. I hope anybody can answer them for me here.

1. How to simulate two independent circuits in one capture project, and compare the simulation results?

for example, to implement some function, there are two kinds of circuits can be used. I hope I can setup two schematic file in one project. run the first one, get the result and save it, and run the other, get the result and compare with the first one. Is that possible?

btw, I found the tool "Schematics" provided in Orcad EDA suite can also design the circuit and do simulation, as you can do in the Capture. However, the drawing style and keyboard shortcut and other operation habits are totally different from Capture, even the component library is different too! the Capture use ".olb" library, but the Schematics use ".slb" library. Does anybody can tell me why Cadence provide two circuit design tools which have the same functions in one software suite? p.s. Capture is more powerful but making project is really boring, sometime I only want to test a small circuit and simulate it quickly, but in Capture I must setup a project firstly then I will get a lot of files mess in the project directory. Schematics is fine but I dont know why it is totally different from the Capture, when finding components and placing, it is not convenient at all.

2. How to export the simulation data in the probe? Because with these data, I can do more analysis by other tools such as Matlab. And, can I import a sampling signal with "time-value" format as the stimulus of my simulation? such as a OFDM sampling signal?

That are the questions bothering me, I hope anyone can help me.
Thanks a lot!

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