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Service Manual for LeCroy 9314

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May 9, 2009
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lecroy 9314


my scope starts to break down (2 channels behave wierd), and I'd like to try to fix it and so need the service manual for it. Perhaps just a manual vor the 93xx series would so. Of course I'd pay a reasonable amount for it.



I manged to find a Service manual for 9320 which seems to be reasonably generic that i could help you with. I am trying to fix my scope which says "SY_Error" on startup.

I am guessing that the EPROMs are corrupt - does your version have EPROMS and do you have a prom reader so you could read them? Perhaps a trade could be made!


Maybe it is usable for you...


  • lecroy_9314ax-cx_service_man_1558.pdf
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The service manual is pretty similar to the one I have though. And does not mention anything about SY_Error it's more along the lines if "replace CPU board" if bad.

One thing I in desperation tried was to clear the NVRAM - this was stupid as the serial is stored there and you have to have a software called LeCalsoft to set it - this is apparently only sold to authorized LeCroy service organizations. The version mentioned in the service manual is a DOS program labeled 94XXCS05 - anybody have a copy?

My current theories on what could be bad are:

- NVRAM needs to be set somehow for machine to work
- EPROMS are bad (but why then does it work at all?)
- Other device bad - such as a memory chip

So if someone has

- some experience of a SY_error,
- a space CPU board,
- or can read the EPROM files

I would be very happy!

I enclosed my 9320 Service Manual for anyone who might be interested.

Best regards,



  • lecroy_9320_3013.pdf
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Thanks for the manuals chaps.
I have a 9314 and if needed should be able to find a way of reading the eproms.
Although I'll probably need to borrow a bit of kit to do it.
My prom programmer last ran under windows 95...


I got some new inspiration to fix my old 'scope - either that make it landfill.

Did someone read off the PROM files? According to this file the latest for EPROMs is 8.1.0

If one has flash 8.2.2. would be the one, and perhaps one can burn 8.2.2. manually, if I ever got the files I would be willing to test! I am almost tempted to buy another scope just to find out. LeCroy says they won't help.

I have version 3 so any files would be good just to eliminate that possible source of error.

Here is one thing not to do - don't suspect the NVRAM and zap it like i did. Then you need to re-calibrate the scope (if I ever get it working) and guess what - for that you need a PC program that LeCroy does not share. The next problem to solve...



You can use the GPIB controller to set the serial number, send the command:

$$SY_NO 01234

You don't need to worry about calibration, the variables are saved in a real eeprom that is not on the cpu board, and the scope recals itself all the time.

The 8.2.2 firmware needs the flash bootloader, so it won't work on an eprom cpu card.

If the battery is dead you need to replace that or the cpu will not be stable. The power supplies of these are not very reliable and I have found leaky X/Y capacitors in the primary sides of them.
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