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Sentaurus sprocess: Error in PARDISO driver


Jun 1, 2020
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Hi, I am new in sentaurus simulation and I am also new to this forum.
When I was trying to simulate a basic 2Dnpn model in sprocess( it's my first time to simulate a 2D model), I fund an error saying "error in PARDISO driver". I want to figure out whether there is something wrong with my codes or with my software. The codes and the picture of the model will be attached below. Please help me! Thank you a lot.
#2D NPN Vertical Bipolar Transistor
line x loc= 4.0<um> tag=SubTop spacing=0.005<um>
line x loc= 5.0<um> spacing=0.005<um>
line x loc= 6.0<um> tag=SubBottom spacing=0 .02<um>
line y loc= 0.0<um> tag=SubLeft spacing=0.02<um>
line y loc=18.0<um> spacing=0.02<um>
line y loc=30.0<um> tag=SubRight spacing=0 .02<um>

#Global Mesh Settings for automatic meshing in newly generated layers
mgoals normal. growth.ratio=1.1 accuracy=2e-5 min. normal. size=50<nm> max. lateral. size=6.0<um>

#Define layout masks
#(Note: n-type emitter is also used as contact to collector.)
#Masks are listed in the order thay are used
#Mask for front end process ing
mask name=Sinker segments= {-1 22 24 35} negative
mask name=Base segments= {-1 1.5 13 35} negative
mask name=Emitter segments= {-1 2.5 8 22 24 35} negative

#Mask for back end processing
mask name=Contact segments= {-1 3.5 7 10 12 22.5 23.5 35}
mask name=Metal segments= {-1 2 8 9 13 22 24 35} negative
region Silicon xlo=SubTop xhi=SubBottom ylo=SubLeft yhi=SubRight
init concentration=1e+15<cm-3> field=Boron

##graphics on cmd="plot.2d grid"
#Buried layer
deposit material= {0xide} type= isotropic time=1 rate= {0. 025}
implant Antimony dose=1.5e+15<cm-2> energy=100<keV>
etch material= {0xide} type=anisotropic time=1 rate= {0.03}

#Epi layer
deposit material= {Silicon} type=isotropic time=1 rate= {4.0} Arsenic concentration=1e+15<cm-3>
diffuse temp=1100<C> time=60<min>

#Show the final profiles
SetPlxList {BTotal SbTotal AsTotal PTotal}
WritePlx n@node@_ Buried.plx y=5.0

#Sinker (beginning of 2D problem)
deposit material= {0xide} type=isotropic time=1 rate= {0. 05}
photo mask=Sinker thickness=1
implant Phosphorus dose=5e+15<cm-2> ene rgy=200<keV>
strip Resist
diffuse temp=1100<C> time=5<hr>
struct tdr=n@node@_ vert_ npn1

#Base (refine the mesh in the base region before the base implant)
refinebox clear
refinebox Silicon min= {0 0.2} max= {1.5 14.4} xrefine= {0.1 0.1 0.2} yrefine= {0.1 0.2 0.1} add
refinebox remesh
photo mask=Base thickness=1
implant Boron dose=1e+14<cm-2> energy=50<keV>
strip Resist
diffuse temp=1100<C> time=35<min>
struct tdr=n@node@_ vert_ npn2

#Emitter (refine the mesh in the emitter region before the emitter implant)
photo mask=Emitter thickness=1
implant Arsenic dose=5e+15<cm-2> energy=55<keV> tilt=7 rotation=0
strip Resist
diffuse temp=1100<C> time=25<min>
struct tdr=n@node@_ vert_ npn3

#Show the final profiles
SetPlxList {BTotal SbTotal AsTotal PTotal}
WritePlx n@node@_ Final.plx y=5.0
WritePlx n@node@_ Sinker.plx y=23.0

#Back end
etch material= {0xide} type=isotropic time=1 rate= {0. 055} mask=Contact

#Reset the mgoals params to lower the mesh requirements above the silicon .
mgoals on normal. growth. ratio=20.0 accuracy=2e-5 min. normal. size=300<nm> max. lateral. size=0.7<um>
deposit material= {Aluminum} type=isotropic time=1 rate= {1.0}
etch material= {ALuminum} type=anisotropic time=1 rate= {1.1} mask=Metal
struct tdr=n@node@_ _vert_ _npn4

##add contact device simulation
contact name=" emitter" box Aluminum adjacent. material=Gas ylo=3 yhi=7 xlo=-1.2 xhi=-0.6
contact name=" base" box Aluminum adj acent . material=Gas ylo=10 yhi=12 xlo=-1.2 xhi=-0.6
contact name= "collector" box Aluminum adj acent . material=Gas ylo=22.5 yhi=23.5 xlo=-1.2 xhi=-0.6 add
struct tdr=n@node@_ vert_ npn5

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