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Mar 1, 2006
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89c51 uart


I design a controller system using MCS51 (AT89C51) and I want the unit to be able sending and receiving message string to handphone via SMS using it's UART.
Kindly help me if you have any sample programs in assembler.

Thanks a lot


how to interface nokia mobile with 89c51

you can read the elektor article 01-2002 Remote Process Control using a Mobile Phone
and here is attached file
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which phone u r using.
If it is nokia phone then u have to learn Mbus/Fbus protocol.
If it is sony ericson phone then u have to learn AT commands.

so u can communicate with phone using
Mbus/Fbus protocol
other methods I donot know

So first tell us what phone u r using
cell phone uart

I' ve done a project using a pic to connect to a cellphone. what i use is a m22 benq gsm module with serial interface but i think you can use a nokia phone because the author have use one.
try to check out this website

**broken link removed**

sending sms with nokia 3310 using 89s51

I sent AT to cell phone but can not get OK from it, how can I do?

keil c data processing from uarts

I wana send sms with AVR microcontroller pleas help me.

uart mobie phone

Please write a detail that on which system you are working, assembly or keil c, so we can help.

89s51 sms project

thanks Osamaelkomy very much, your book is vey useful for me about this project !!
Thanks !!

how to interface nohia mobile with 89c51

Nokia 3310 SMS control
Friends,I have written this tutorial for all those who wish to understand the FBUS protocol for Nokia 3310/5110/6110 (older nokia) controlling with 89S52.Pls go through this page and hit on tutorial there. I will soon upload hex code for AT89S52 :)

read sms in keil c

hi friends,

i'm planning to do a project on security camera which detects motion and takes images which are sent as attachment to a mail ID.Also simultaneously SMS is sent to the supervisor using a GSM module.

we plan to use visual basic for the programming,matlab for image processing.Is it possible to communicate to the GSM module directly without using a microcontroller jus by serial communication with the PC?

Pls suggest an affordable cheap GSM module for this purpose.also can any1 help me with the ATcommands for SMS?

sending and receiving data using 89c51

Hi to all. I am doing the same project. Have anyone any idea for the same. I am using 8051 for the same. Do anyone have the code for the same.
My idea is, I have connected my telephone to my uc using opto, then after say 5 rings it get connected to land lien & the person on the other side presses the nos. to be displyed on my LCD connected to 8051. Say if someone presses 1 the LCD will display A, for 2 it is B, for 3 it is C & so on... to receive the SMS.

89c2051 nokia sms

Hi, I have one nokia 6080 mobile. I would like to know how should i interface it with the microcontroller . From where will I get it's data pin??? In case os pc I could have used data cable of mobile, but what in the case of microcontroller???

receiving sms using avr micro

Please dear all i need a urgent help.. actually i am very new abt microcontroller,, made a circuit see below,..\
i want to send a status of port p1(in binary)... to a mobile phone via sending SMS using AT89C51 & Mobile phone(any)... please tell me can i send a status of p1 by AT commands...

please help quickly... my email is &

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