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Self made Heating control --> I saved 40% gas cost!

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Jan 22, 2006
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Hello Folks!

In winter 2003 I "updated" my heating from the 70th by adding a self-made Heating system control. Now I calculated the saved heating-costs:
I needed in the years:
2001 : 19.559kWh
2002 : 20.614KWh
2003 : 12.345KWh (installation of the control in that year)
2004 : 11.236kWh

That means that I save 40% of heating costs! (more than 600,-EUR in the last 2 years )
And the costs of the control-unit was only 40,-EUR
Beside this: Energy saving if very important these days!

The Control is made for installing it in old heating systems with only one gas ventile and one circulation pump without mixer.
With this control the boiler temperature is regulated depending on the outside temperature:
Low outside temperature --> High boiler temperature
High outside temperature --> Low boiler temperature

We realized a simple system with low amount of parts..
Beside a AVR-Ctrl-PCB only 2 Relays, 2 Temperature sensors (KTY81-110) + Resistors and some Switches / Keys / LEDs are necessary

What is possible with this control ?
- automatic night boiler temperature reduction
- Regulating of boiler temperature depending on the outside temperature

- 3 Operating modes (Night, Day, Absent)
- Own temperature control courve for each operating mode
- 64 Timers progammable (in 2 independing Groups)
- 4 Timers for workdays and each weekday singel, means 32 Timers per group
- Circulating pump automatically switchable in each operating mode depending on Boiler temperature
- Storing of the average temperature and need of gas (in percent) for 240Days in ring-memory
- Displaying the last 5 days
- Downloading of the stored data to a PC
- Settings are stored in the EEPROM
- switching into other operating mode by manual key
- deactivating of the control by single switch (security option)
- Remote-Display per serial interface (Remote control)
- Remote control via internet (by remote Display to a connected PC)
- save solution, because the original temperature termostate is still in use (for over temperature switch off)

All Data for replication here:

My main page:


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