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Selecting the Right scope for the right price.

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Sep 23, 2009
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Hi all most people don't have a scope some people not even have access to a scope i am one of these people i have only ever used a scope in tafe sure i know how to set them up with my project and understand what i am looking at.

But Buying one for cheap well this is what this all about.

how do i know if China is going to rip me off with some cheap gimmic?

how can i know if ebay is really going to send me a scope?

second hand scope's are they good as new?

one company nearly made me lol they said that they would not refund or send new product if there is damage to cosmetics the first thing i thought of what if there is a scratch on the screen to me thats not cosmetic because you need the screen to be able to messure as well.

so people out there who have scopes tell us noobs what to look for.

Thank you all for your help and i hope this help other people as well.

Added after 3 minutes:

here is some scopes i found instresting
**broken link removed**

have a look at this

**broken link removed**
this sounds too good to be true but then look at postage even the Americans are trying to trick us. yeah nice 100bucks for the scope and 300bucks to send great. :(

Added after 1 minutes:

here is a nice one but not have the 400bucks

**broken link removed**


Added after 14 minutes:

**broken link removed**

here is another usb scope it looks the same but for 70bucks i am confused.

Added after 1 minutes:

very big price but legit scopes.

**broken link removed**

I got my scope now so i can play with things instead of just seen a Freq number makes life more interesting i got the Phillips/Fluke PM 3055 60Mhz i was able to find one on ebay i got for 300Aud.
very happy with it will up a photo soon.

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