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Selecting a proper motherboard for a PC using the diagram

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Nov 30, 2009
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At the present times there are so many different motherboards for Personal computers that choosing right one could be series problem. At the very beginning we need to decide with what components, board shell work. Very useful for finding what can we plug to our mainboard, is motherboard diagram. For example to socket 7 slot we can put eighter P54C Pentium and P55C (MMX) Pentium, and in most cases AMD K5/K6 and Cyrix M1/M2, but we need to check that in motherboard diagram before. Of course you can find there also informations about number of USB and other slots, maximum RAM capacity, location of single elements and much more. Unfortunately producers doesn’t share with motherboard diagrams with the users, because of patent low!
Instruction is also useful in case of replacing or upgrading, troubleshooting and building own computer.
Each board is slightly different because of components and locations, but they are quite close.
Elements that each motherboard consist are :
PCI slot, Ethernet cards, sound cards modems etc.
PCI-E 16x slot for graphic cards
PCI-E 1xslot for sound cards or ethernet
Northbridge –it communicate CPU with system memory and PCI-E slots
ATX 12V 2X and 4 Pin Power Connection – power supply here
CPU-Fan – CPU fan here
Socket – you plug PC here
Menory slots – slots for RAM
ATX Power Connector – gives power from power supply
Ide connection – slot for old type hard drive, cd , dvd
Southbridge –controll slots, onboard soundcard, usb
Sata connections –for hard drives and cd / dvd drive
Front panel connections - you can plug front panel elements here
Fdd connections - for floppy disk
External usb connections – you can plug extra USB
Cmos battery – helps to keep settings when PC is disconnect from power grid
Sometimes you might don’t consist diagram for you motherboard. Of course you can find in at the internet, but it might be difficult if you don’t know the name of mainboard. The easiest way to find out which board you have, is to check it at the board. Often information about type is printed between PCI slots. If not you should find some software like everest.

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