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SBC (Embedded Systems) with linux

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May 1, 2006
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First of all hello...
I hope I'm not asking something that is already answerd :p

What iam about to ask is for a project that intents to make a system to monitor sensors and activate some devices remotely...

The project is to built a platform that monitors a number of sensors (needs some ADC and DAC), Digital equipment (need some I/O, SPI, I2C, Serial ports).

If possible that supports web-cam streaming, web server with php, mysql and html, and also programmable in Java, C, C++, etc...

This platform should run a Linux OS (Or maby in a Windows CE)...

Is there some one with some ideas?

Thanks for all the help you can give...

Ok i found this three systems any one used them?
TS-7300 (Technologic Systems):
TS-7500 (Technologic Systems):

Can you tell me if some of them does not have this capabilities:
-> Connect to a TCP/IP network (UDP its not sufficient or more difficult to implement).
-> The platform needs to have more then 20 digital I/O.
-> Needs to have some of this protocols (I2C, SPI, 1-Wire).
-> Its relatively important that it has at least one USB host port.
-> Supports Linux Operating System.
-> It also needs (not obligatory) ADC and (not obligatory) DAC
-> It is preferable to be able to interface with SD/MMC or CF cards
-> It needs at least 1 or 2 UART's

One of the requisites is to be able to use the FPGA to built more modules to expand the ones in the system (like more I/O, SPI, 1-Wire, I2C, etc...) is it possible with any of this systemst?

Do you recommend any Linux distribution?
Does it run, PHP, MySQL, Apache (or similar). Is it programable in C/C++ and Java?
Is it possible to connect a USB camera and do some streaming?

Hi! You could build an N8VEM SBC and use it. Several N8VEM builders have used their systems for remote data gathering, sensing, monitoring, and the like. It runs CP/M rather than Linux. They are easy to build and inexpensive. Very easy to customize and can be built to be low power for solar panels. You can use the SBC by itself (RAM/ROM, UART, parallel, RTC) or use the backplane and add peripherals (IDE, FDC, serial, parallel, timer, video, etc)

Just search on N8VEM in your favorite search engine for the N8VEM mailing list and wiki.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

This board is good and it has latest ARM9 archietecture. But ADC resolution is less.

You'll be interested in **broken link removed**. It is line of Linux-based industrial computer. It has apache server and JVR implemented. It is very elastic platform. You can program it very easy. It has GSM modem and Ethernet card so it`s good for every system, which need big quantities of data and long distances to communicate.

we use some comparatively cheap Mini2440 a.k.a FriendlyARM boards from Has Linux OS installed, USB host, general purpose IO, 4 ADC channels, I2C, 3 serial ports, optional CMOS camera, 10x10cm dimension, with an LCD touch screen. But the full complete documentations are in Chinese, so it may be a problem. but the boards worked well enough for us.

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