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RTDX problem with TIC6416

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Jul 21, 2002
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RTDX prblm with TIC6416

I am new to TIC6x series . I am working on c6416 and c6201 of TI with CCS 2.2.I had few prblem and I have described it here. Hope any one will answer my questions. A hi to all the group members....

I have tried our programs in TMS3206416 TEB with code composer version 2.2. I have downloaded the drivers of XDS510PP for CCS 2.2 from Spectrum Digital's website. We tried the programs in the tutorial section of CCS. Even if they are working fine we can not see the EXE graph , STS details and LOG in real time. For seeing all those things either we have to put a break point on the loop of execution or else we have to perform the step through. Although in the Volume 4 example we can not create a Channel for real time data transfer with target. We have tried this in TI TEB and our board which uses the TMS3206416 DSP (Part no TMS32C6416DGLZ6E3). However these programs are working in the 6201 TEB and we are getting EXE graph and other things while the target is running.. We think the problem is with the 6416 chip. If we put break point in our program it spoils the very purpose of RTDX. Since our design is based on C6416 it is a serious problem as far as we are concerned.Pls give us a clear answer to this .

The programs we tried are...
Volume 1, 2,3,4 of the tutorial folder of CCS.

Doubts are..
1. In order to get the data from C6416 is it mandatory to pass it through the break point.(Remember break point halts the target for the data transfer to the host and refreshing all the windows related to CCS)
2. If RTDX is possible with C6416 can anyone gimme a simple code which demonstrate the same.( Both host side and target side)

Best Regards,
It will be really helpful if any one upload/send any workshop material on C6416....

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