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Rs-232 protocol analyser

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Feb 7, 2002
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rs232 protocol analyzer

I'm looking for a stand alone protocol analyser for RS-232. It's will be better if I can order it for the Canada or Us. Thanks for your anwser

rs323 protocol

al_extreme said:
I'm looking for a stand alone protocol analyser for RS-232. It's will be better if I can order it for the Canada or Us. Thanks for your anwser

May I suggest to use an old computer and some sort of monitoring software like ViewComm. I think you will find a dos version at elektroda (do a search).
Btw. what sort of analysing are you getting into? RS232 is just an "pin-out and electrical level" standard.
I often use my old 386 Compac note book and a terminal emulator as an "serial port listener".


rs-232 protocol analyzer

I need a full, flexible rs-232 tool so all data lines and every thing

rs-232 protocol analyser

al_extreme said:
I need a full, flexible rs-232 tool so all data lines and every thing

**broken link removed**


PS. Good & Cheap does not go together well ;)

how to determine rs232 protocol


rs323 analyzer

Search EDN design ide thay have a design of simple protocol analyzer

bat only 1/2 duplex tx /rx

a good hardware analyzer cost lot of mony if you can buy it go to

agilent site or search ebay for old one


rs232 protocol sw

try this:

**broken link removed**

It isn't a protocol analyzer, but a complete rs232 analyzer
under windows, it will be useful ....

rs232 man-in-the-middle analyser

I know this vote a little late. My vote goes for this:

But the demo is a plain GUI, can't do anything. It is also quite expensive.

rs232 protocol analyzer output

Although it doesn't meet the original poster's
requirement, I've used the old DOS shareware
program DataScope successfully for debugging
serial comms.
It is full duplex, and has microsecond
time-stamping on all logged data.

**broken link removed**

Also have an interesting article here
somewhere on RS-232 handshaking, just
have to find it, determine if it is legal to
upload, then work out how to upload :cool:

rs232 man in the middle

What would the functionality requirements of an RS323 protocol analyzer be?
I have some experience in writing RS232 based software and most of the time write my own quick analyzer for the protocol issues i wanna debug.

Now I would like to write a more general RS232 analyzer on PC. If you have idea's about functionality, configurations, ... (I was thinking about start-stop sequences, data formatting and field highlighting, crc checking (might be difficult to support all crc algorithms (but perhaps a plugin might work here ;-) )) Indication of length / type and format accordingly
Formatting might be specified in an xml like syntax ...
Please post them in this thread and try to be specific!
(And don't come with GUI things for now please!!! First i wanna work on the core functionality!)

Off course the software will be available for free on elektroda (source might be difficult because of copyright reasons with my employer!)

I cannot make promisses on the time it will take (or if it will be there ever). It's a project I will do in my spare time and i seem to have very little of it lately (renovating a house is timeconsuming ;-) )

But I will give it a try


protocol analyzer rs232

Hi Anthrax,

i played with available sw a bit and i found some features which combined in single sw will give a good functionality:

- possibility to monitor 2 way communication like wire tapping via 2 serial ports (like man in the middle)
- monitor handshake signals
- possibility to route incoming rs232 signal to ip network
- some macro functionality ... e.g. sent some string if speceific string received.
- support for usb/serial convertors (many notebooks does not have rs232 now)
some gui now ;0)
- simultaneous text output in ascii and hex (possible others)
- representation for special chars (<CR>, <ACK>)
- possibility to send string in comined way .. i mean some ascii chars and some hex input ...

more later ;0))



sermon rs232

1. Filters (definition what data frames to display)
2. Triggers (sequence od data which starts or stops monitoring, flush buffers, etc)
3. Open architecture so users can write their own plugins for protocol analyzing.


Re: rs232 protocol analyzer

I used 232Analyzer. It is very impressive.

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