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RF Application Engineer-Switzerland

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Feb 14, 2006
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rf application engineer

Location: Switzerland
Position: Application Engineer
Description: Defining products, resolving applications issues, writing and reviewing of data sheets, design and develop new product applications/demo boards, customer visits where on-site RF support is needed

Essential Duties: Provide applications support for UHF/VHF band RF transceiver products, system-on-chip RF circuits and solutions from concept through production.

Resolve customer applications issues, work with design/ test to ensure adequate test coverage and support evaluation of customer field returns.
Develop product definition & design-in support through interfacing with clients, field sales & marketing personnel.
Responsible for new product definition & verification, documentation of application notes, creation of datasheets / specifications, & the design & layout of evaluation boards and development tools.
Work closely with Design Engineering throughout the design process to ensure compliance to specifications & customer requirements.
Active participation with marketing and design engineering in the evolution of product definition.
Conduct final verification of product(s).
Work with Test & Design Engineering to fully characterize and verify final product.

Keywords: Product definition; RF SoC; UHF/VHF frequency bands; ISM Band; Narrowband radio; PCB design; Design-in; Datasheets; Development Tools; Evaluation boards; Antenna Design

Qualification Requirements:
BSc., BSEE or equivalent degree required. MSEE or beyond preferred.
3+ years of industry experience related with board-level RF design both from theoretical & practical standpoints. Ability to analyse RF problems from a theoretical and practical standpoint, provide structured approach to problem solving and work through implementation plan with customers Experience of bringing products into production and electronics assembly an advantage
Documentation of activity to ensure efficient project tracking and maximise solution re-use
Authoring of application notes and publications a plus.

Please forward resume/C.V. through a pm.


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