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Resistivity of tungsten down to -40degC

according to
Lide, D. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 75 edition. CRC Press, 1995: 12.

"electrical resistivity of tungsten RW in n-ohm·m are given in
RW = 48.0 (1 + 4.8297 × 10−3 T + 1.663 × 10−6 T2)"

i added the last parenthesis
interesting unit - looks like nano ohm meters to me

this website talks about the temperature coefficient of resistivity

as does this one:
All web pages only give tungsten resistivity down to 20degC.
Do you know it down to -40degC?
According to my extrapolation of the tungsten resistance curve, at -40°C it should be about 73% of the value at 20°C.
Also, is this tungsten IR lamp have a filament made of tungsten?
I would expect so, but it could also be an alloy like NiChrome, used in may heating elements such as toasters and stove tops.

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