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Requesting DSP Final year project idea

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Oct 2, 2006
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final year project

I need some good impressive idea for final year project!!

impressive final year project

there are lots do a search on edaboard
here are some:
1-car plate recognition
2-finger print or facial recognition
3- cat door (checks if cat has somthing in mouth)if yes keeps it locked

final year project power

What is your level ??
You should tell us that first what do you know?

hot final year project communication control


I am undergraduate student of electrical engineering.

Re: Final year project

with interest power and control systems

Re: Final year project

In the past i used to teach .So i will advice projects to my students that they could use in their professional life ..So a FPGA based plataform design .It's always a good idea .Now there are plenty of things to do .Depending on what is your main interest.
Some nice areas are Fuzzy logic controllers , Algebraic computation has a lot of uses in telecommunications and data encryption .(this are hot areas !)
These are projects that just require you to design an IP core and a fpga engine .Not so much analog interfacing .

Re: Final year project

saqaw said:
with interest power and control systems

Dear saqaw your title specifies DSP now you are asking for power and control!

you have to narrow your search to be able to finish on time just find a topic that you like and then ask for help.
You are jumping from topic to topic.
What is the field you want to work with control dsp power communication
Time is running

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