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[request] epson chip resetter

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Dec 31, 1999
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how to reset the chips of epson cartridge

I'm looking for informations how to build epson chip resetter. Or just I need a name of chip what is inside epson cartridges, I will try use Willem Programmer :D

Epson killer

I know there is an Italian company selling the chip for Epson cartridges.
The site is :


Unfortunately it is in Italian; you should better send them an e-mail asking info.


yes thanks
I want do something with my hands and I don't want use any chip resetters just make own :D

gulson said:
yes thanks
I want do something with my hands and I don't want use any chip resetters just make own :D

I do have a 1270 Epson.. You did not mention which model you want
to do a resetter for.. 870 ? 1270 ?

There is an easy way without any hardware.. As some Epson can do that directly from the parallel port (Not from the USB port)..

But I am not sure if this is legal or not.. Looking at the recent trend of this board.. I am now very reluctant to share anything.. anymore!

Something like this would be invaluable.

The link to Ripcode looks interesting, but I'll have to get the link to a russian trnaslator from my other computer first. Hope it works out.

It wont let me print anything in colour because it thinks the B/W cartridge is empty, which I know is wrong :?

Thanks for the info.

I have programm to reset epson sc680 trough the lpt port
Pm me if it helps to you

Use on your own risk. Attach your printer to LPT port.

Upload file failed,try once again.


I know inside programmer there are two smd's

"12C508A 04/5M 0035GMF"
second "78L05"

look at this gulson.
works for me.only the black cartridge didn`t like this soft(maybe epson has some sort of protection on black cartridge).the colour worked like a dream.
and just curios did you know that there is a 12c 508a inside?

new kids on the block :))))))))))
**broken link removed**
the newer version (with the transistor) works like magic.use bc 547 as kt1.
the older version with the resistor is hard to makit work because the "data" resistor shoud be tested in range 100 ohms-1 kohm.

use the program written by eddie to test the programer but just to test it because in this soft the int13 isn`t inverted.

any help?pm me or write here.

one hint that is worth gold :D for the soket use an rj 45 soket take it from an old network card.the aligniament of the pins is the same as the chip used by epson.

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