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REQ: PIC16F84 dual channel A/V meter

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Dec 26, 2005
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Does anybady have schematic and hex file for dual channel Volt meter, and dual channel Amper meter in one PIC 16F84?

Vmax=35V dc

Your asking a lot there in more ways and one :D
Tell us why should we write you some code and give you schematics to do so :D
I just have the very thing your looking for but it's not using a 16F84 it's usging a 18F452. Why use the 16fF84 that's old hat and it does not have any A/d converters on it. Also you do not say how you intend to dispaly the data.
To messure 35V you need to use an op-amp to devide it by 10 so it will give you 3.50V at 35V and make your software to display correct value, to messure the current you will need to use a 0.1R resistor and a op-amp agian but this time you will need to times it by ten so at 3.50A you get 3.5V at the pic put more than 5 volts on your pins and it will ne pic no more :D

My code displays all data on LCD both channels

Tell us more and i might help you means it's christmas and godd will to all men:cry:


Thank you for reply!

I want to display data on 16x2 LCD or LCD from any old cell phone (3310,8210,7110,...)

I ask for 16F84 schematic because I have lot of this pics, but also it will be great if you give me this project with another pic too.

A year ago I had this schematic with two channel amper meter & volt meter and with displaying power in Watts but I can't find this schematic now :cry:

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