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Renesas DSP microcomputer vs TI DSP chip

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May 31, 2004
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renesas dsp

Renesas have dual core microcomputer (1 high speed CPU and 1 DSP) whereas TI DSP chip provide good DSP processing but no CPU.

What do you think suitable way for low cost design? If decide to use TI DSP chip may cause one more MCU. This is likely not a good way.

Can anyone comment on this?

iva2+ -pandora

Are you looking from cost wise or performance wise?

what is a dsp chip

The TI OMAP series are also dual core processors!!
# OMAP5910 - ARM9 + C55x DSP
# OMAP5912 - ARM9 + C55x DSP
#OMAP3430 - ARM Cortex A8 + ISP (Image Signal Processor) + PowerVR SGX 2D/3D
Graphics Accelerator + IVA2+ (Imaging and Video Accelerator)

#OMAP-DM270 - ARM7 + C54x DSP

#OMAP850 - ARM926EJ-S + GSM/GPRS digital baseband + stacked EDGE
texas instruments dsp 54xx

You have also to consider that TI produces high performances devices, like the C6x series, capable of high speed (the C6455 runs up to 1.2 GHz clock frequency) which can perform simultaneously tasks normally reserved to GPP processors (control flow, device interface and so on) and DSP operations (MAC, FFT etc.).
Of course such devices are not the cheapest, but you should consider the total saving in the BOL (bill of material) you obtain by substituting several devices (GPP/MCU + low-end DSPs used as co-processors) with one device.
Obviously you always have to evaluate the target application before making such a choice: just think that changing the platform implies that you should do a porting of all your SW to another environment and in case of DSP this could mean rewriting almost all the optimized assembly routines obtained after months/years spent debugging!



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it depends what you want do, as previous post have stated fast DSP kit can be very expensive. I have use a Texas TMS320C67x series DSP with ADCs and DACs to process data sampled at 64Mb/s - cost approx £3K a few years ago. Also check the cost of IDEs and compilers - they can cost more than the DSP kit!

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