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[SOLVED] relation between skin effect and eddy current in a conductor

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Dec 12, 2008
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inductive effect

Hi All,
In conductor, why skin effect occurs and is there any relation between skin effect and eddy current?

Thanks in advance,

About inductive effect

skin effect is due to two theories.

1) when ever magnetic flux cut by the conductor EMF will be generated in the conductor and its direction is such that it apposes the cause.

2) Any current carry conductor will have magnetic flux around it.

So let see the situation of AC sinusoidal signal,
As AC signal is there then you have alternating current too. That leads magnetic flux also alternating because of theory 2.

Now theory one is applied as flux is cut by its own current carry conductor EMF will be induced and it apposes the cause i.e current flowing in the conductor.
More EMF is at the center of the conductor due to more fulx cut.
This results more current is flowing at the periphery only not in the center.
If the frequency is increasing then the induced EMF is much more than the low frequency that means current at the center of the conductor is zero. and the current density will be at the periphery only.

Skin depth is defined as the depth that the current density falls below 1/e th of the periphery.

Now you study the books, probably you may understand.

if not you can call me on pks95411 at

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