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Regarding B.E Project

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Apr 22, 2011
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Hello ,

I am studying in final year engineering now in field of Electronics and Telecommunications. We are supposed to make a project based on any sub field such as embedded, signal processing, controller based, labview based , etc. I am finding quite difficuilt to decide any one of the project which is innovative , something new. So please kindly help me with the project name which will gain me good marks !!

Thank You !


what is your area of interest... Its not just for marks.. your project will account for the future job also.. so think in a broader way rather than in a narrow way just for marks....... tell clearly which field you are interested and what kind of projects you like.. here people can give millions of project ideas with their experience..
thankyou sir for your reply...actually i am interested in embedded and communications...and our teachers were guiding in the way of getting the marks ... so posted that in project.....actually m very keenly interested in doing sir could u give me any innovative ideas which are rare known ??? plz help .....

Hi Bheemsen,

Since you are studying communications ... you may like to have a look at:

It is about a novel DSB-SC detector. Its core is a conventional PLL (with a minor modification). Therefore its power/importance (unlike the known ones) is in its simplicity and for being low-cost.
But I am afraid that this project is more suitable as an MS or PhD thesis since even your teachers have no idea of it (yet).
But at the same time, if you already learnt about AM demodulation using PLL, it will be easy for you to simulate and build the simple "Double Sideband Suppressed Carrier" demodulator. And it will be a BIG surprise for your teachers (lecturers) to learn a new technique from your thesis project... this applies to any university ;-)

I decided to give my work to one student (from anywhere in the world) and I will likely start a thread to choose who might be the most interested in it. Why am I doing this... it is rather a long story, as you will find out after reading the thread mentioned earlier. Obviously you don't have to believe or accept anything I said as it is new to you too :smile:


thank you jenish !!! Its reallyy gud list of projects ! If you hav any other please let me know !!

and thanx a lottt karem sir....Its realyy a new idea and innovative ! awesomee ! Sir but ya its MS level! Can you help in Embedded + Communication project at B.E level and please i need guidance how to decide the project rather how to search for new project ?

Bheemsen :)

hey bheemsen
greetings ...since you said you are interested in embedded and communications why don`t you do something like bluetooth communication related project if financing is not a problem for you and complexity is not very deceiving ...................
or else you can do something like rfid (radio frequency identification ) based project or you can just implement FHSS transmitter and receiver using a micro controller , you know that part in spread spectrum modulation in digital communnication ........ that `d be still good because many people don`t go beyond the plain old ask modulation this would be something novel!!!!

besides it is not that simple too because you will have to have a pseudo random sequence generator (LFSR ) which is not so easy but yes, it is challenging !! and less complicated than bluetooth implementation based project .............. ok so you decide if you like this do let me know !! i will give you some more details
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Hi Bheemsen,

I forgot to add that I am now rather an old fashioned engineer and you are right; choosing the title of the project is the hardest step. Usually the teacher (lecturer) suggests few subjects to choose from. And your supervisor will be glad if you will work on a project he likes :wink:


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