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Reflectarray CST simulation

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Mar 8, 2005
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Dear all,
I want to simulate a reflectarray in CST2008. In Tsolver, when i use a horn as feed, the results are not valid. In I-solver the simulation do not converge (horn or ff-source)! and in F-solver a plane-wave source lead in RCS, only!
Would you please help me?!


I'm also doing the same thing with you, maybe we can share something in common. This is my final project, reflect array antenna in S-Band. Until now, I'm still confusing about how to design the reflect array. I've already built the reflector, but for the feed I don't know where to put it and how to simulate. Because, usually I just simulate the antenna, not without the reflector. Can somebody help us please? thank you in advance

Hi all
what your reflectarray types?ring,slot,tl,patch?
habib,what is your problem exactly
i already run many reflectarray under cst 2008
i may help if you specify your problem accurately
so we here try help us

Hi friends,

I'm also working on reflectarray. Let share our experience and knowledge.:D

Currently i have two project in reflectarray, both also 10x10 elements array. The first project is about using dielectric resonator as the element and the second project is about using copper patch as the element.

What i trying to achieve is when the reflectarray reflect the wave all the wave will have the same phase when reach the collecting point. Rough idea is to using horn antenna as feed and another horn antenna as the receiving point.

Currently, i'm using CST to analyze the behavior of the reflection phase for single element. What i try is build the single element and using a elevated waveguide port to launch the wave and observe the behavior of the reflected phase.

hi winsonwhy
if you enter ieee,you will see 2 papers of dra reflectarray
for me,i already design dra reflectarray(x band and ku band)
i also design circular polarized dra
now i try to simulate electronic beam scan dra but i didn't get any ideas now
at all i may help you and sharing our ideas
i already simulate 31*31 elements

Hi guys . I work with reflectarray recently and i try to build 20*20 elements using microstrip patch antennas.

As a start i'm trying now to simulate 3*3 array fed by a horn antenna , i use CST MICROWAVE STUDIO 2008 .

the problem is that i can't find the farfield from the array , i always get the farfield of the horn antenna with some perturbation % original horn pattern ......

Can anyone help out me plz ......

Added after 2 hours 43 minutes:

I appreciate any help regarding how to simulate reflectarray antennas project in CST.

Hello all,

Thank you for the sharing information. I'm working on designing a planar reflector antenna and its application for S-Band, in my case is as a satellite TV receiver. The structure for planar reflector will be adopted from Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC). But until now, I haven't got any idea about the material and dimension for the patch. At the beginning, I tried to use taconic and for the dimension I just pick random values. For the simulation, my teacher asked me to show the S11. But since I used a plane wave to simulate, I can't get the S11 parameter only the RCS. Therefore, I have some question:
1. Do I need to use a horn for the excitation, so that I can get the S11 parameter? Because I don't have any idea about the kind, dimension, and how to put the feed for the simulation.
2. Would you please tell me the step by step to simulate a reflectarray? Until now, I have already built the structure (I'm still use random variables, because I still haven't known yet about the dimension and the material) but I got stuck on how to get the S11 parameter, VSWR, gain, and the directivity.

Thank you very much in advance.

Regards :)

Hi abdoeng,
Thanks for your reply,
1. i tried for both types of stacked patches and concentric rings.
2. what is your solver type?
3. when i use horn and reflectarray, in time domain sover, results are not in agreement with results from formulation?!!!


Hi habib
i use CST
using transient solver

Why not to try use Method of Moments for your arrays? It is usually more effective for scattering problems. Could you attach some of your models - I could try to do something with them in MoM.

Hi abdoeng,
Can i have one of your simulation files in T-solver?

hi all ,
I do need your help !!!
I am trying to simulate a reflectarray which is fed by a horn ![the elements are microstrip patches]
But still I am puzzeled with the point I should start.
I don't know how to excite it with planar waves and floquet modes ...

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