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REDHAT 9.0 work with EDA tools

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Mar 24, 2003
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Dear all,

Do you use Redhat 9.0 ti install and run commerical EDA tools?

I cannot install Cadence IC 5.0 on Redhat9.0.

Does anyone install success ?

Can we build a check list for Redhat 9.0

Linux-platform EDA_ tools OK/Fail
Redhat 9.0 Cadence IC 5.0 Fail

cadence ic50 can not install in rh9.0,try rh7.2.

RH 7.2 is good OS for major EDA tools (linux version eda tools).

Anyone knows why the EDA tools wouldn't be compatible with RH9 or the latest Mandrake?

install those 7.3 backward compatibility libraries


to see if it works.

mart242 said:
Anyone knows why the EDA tools wouldn't be compatible with RH9 or the latest Mandrake?

I'm using IC5 on RH9. It's working w/ minor warnings.

Not only Cadence tool

I tried the Modelsim on the RH9.0 also can not work . I can not invoke it . I thought that if you need to use the EDA tools on RH , you should use the RH7.3 or RH7.2 . I already tried lots of the tools on RH7.2 and RH7.3 , all of them are work well until today except some of tools ask for newer gcc compiler or qt library . In that case , you only need to download the source code and compile on your RH .

What tools need newer gcc compiler or qt library?

What's RH 7.3 gcc version?

Some of the System C tools

Some of the System C tools will need it . The gcc version of RH7.3 is 2.96

More Detail on Linux Setup


Ideally, I would like to install latest release of Redhat Linux installation on my PC. Oh, I like what I see on Redhat Linux 9.0. To the worse, I would accept Redhat Linux 8.0.

I had tried installing version 7.2, the install didn't go smoothly as I have few hardware issues. This is because my PC is brand new.

I would REALLY appreciate if some of you (linux EDA tool expert) out there could possibly compile a NEWBIES tutorial on EDA tool setup on latest Linux (preferably Redhat distribution). What I have found PROBLEMATIC is that most EDA vendors only support Redhat Linux 7.1 and 7.2. Now with latest Linux installed (other than supported), everything SCREWED-UP and software application would NOT execute.

Honestly, I have no ideas on how to re-install those OLD Linux software library packages onto the NEWER Linux install. I am LINUX beginner. Bear with me!

perhaps, I am VERY annoying and demanding. I am keen to learn Linux and more specifically running EDA tools (wider range of tools) which are NOT offer for Windows NT/2000/XP platform.

best regards,

You are not annoying and demanding. Since Linux is not a commercial product you have to work a little bit harder for support on newer devices. However, sooner or later solutions come out from others who have the same problems and through the Internet they are spread all over the world. Also EDA companies try to make new versions of their software compatible with the latest linux distributions but his takes some time. I think synplicity is officialy supporting RH 8.0 now. In the mean time you have to be lucky to find someone with similar problems who will be able to send you ideas about how to overcome yours. And elektroda is the right place to ask and search for them.
Unfortunatelly I am running very well with RH 7.3, I have installed Synopsys, Mentor, Synplicity, e.t.c and I do not want to bring trouble by changing the OS. However, keep asking!

Why don't you try Mandrake 9.0 (haven't tried 9.1 yet)?
The only problem is that you don't see the initial graphical
setup interface. Also upgrade to the latest graphic card drivers
(tested for NVidia cards) to solve the 256 colors only problem
of the Cadence enviroment

SuSE Linux 8.0 a good environment for EDA tools

Installed IC 5.0 an works fine ( 8 or 24 bit color mode ). SuSE 8.0 works fine with hardware (lot of good drivers compared to RedHat 8.0 or 7.2)
With Modelsim or Synopsys problem ! ;-)
Only Hspice linux version still not work on SuSE ...

Try and you'll see !

Installed I.C. 5 can work smoothly on Mandrake 9.0, but
u need set the 24 color resolution mode.

I have read some where that new "*.so*" liberys contain all of the old data + new stuff, so somtimes setting up progz. on a new vertion rh -suse whatever linux dist. is a matter of check what vertion of libs. your progz. need and them symlink them to there newer vertion.
I don't have any of subj. but have solve similar probs. with that solution.

Thats great! I really want to use eda tools in Linux, but i don't have any linux version of the eda tools.

Please some one help me get eda tools for linux. Whats a good place for linux eda tools?


If you do not have something specific to do with 9.0 or you are not willing to "dig" for solutions, why not? 7.3 is a very good OS. Or wait for the next versions of EDA software that will support 9.0 (by then RH may have released 10.2 ofcourse!)

slackware 9 good!!!

It works well.

You can try downloading Redhat linux from There are older versions available there too. Remember to use FTP server that is close to your desitnation

Thanks FNK but I'm already using Slackware linux. I'm looking for eda tools such as IC5.0, or M/e/n/t/o/r tools. I don't know where to obtain linux version of the tools. :cry:

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