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Recommendations needed to design an antenna

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Apr 26, 2011
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Hi everyone,
I have just started my master thesis and I have to design an antenna for a transponder which will be used on the windscreen of the car. Transponder is used for automatic road tolling. The problem in designing this antenna is that the size should be minimal (the existing antenna is 17mm x17mm which is needed to be replaced as it is a little big and it is a slot antenna which is a bit expensive to manufacture), and the antenna should be a printed antenna and should have a gain more than 5 dB and should only radiate in +-35 degree of elevation and azimuth. I have studied a lot of IEEE papers but couldn't find any antenna fulfilling the requirements, in fact most of the small printed antennas which I have studied so far radiate in both directions which isn't needed as the requirement want the antenna to radiate in only one direction(not in the back direction). Can I get some help that which design I should choose, what methods I can choose to increase the gain, my supervisor said that look for the antennas which don't have ground plane. Waiting for some expert opinions

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