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recommendation of CCD camera to detect smoke

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Jun 1, 2011
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Dear Sir,

I am going to detect smoke using the CCD camera. Can you please recommend the CCD camera part to detect smoke for my application. Please share your views

V. Prakash

I think more than the camera hardware, most of the effort is required in software through some really good algorithms to detect smoke.

You might get by with an led shining on a photosensor, with a few inches of air between them.

You'll need to provide stable volt levels to both the mentioned components.

There may be a certain wavelength of light which is most easily obscured by smoke.

It is a good idea to use some thing like the one shown below. One may need adjusting sensitivity by trimpot (other side of the PCB, seen blue in colour). In extreme cases reorientation of the Transmitting and receiving LED's and adjusting their distance may do the job.
It is easy to implement as it needs only 0 to +5V dc
and the only output is a TTL signal so can directly be connected to any microcontroller

Line Sensor.jpg
It depends on your specifications !

Is it white smoke or black smoke or invisible smoke ?
Is this for alarm purposes or process control?
is it far from camera?
What is between and behind cam?
IR is best source for detecting smoke optically, but does cam have IR blocking filter?
Do you want to measure smoke near ground? or high up?
Is this for insurance purposes?
What humidity levels are expected? ( smoke or dust or high humidity all reflect light beams. )

Normally low radioactive nuclear particle ionization chambers are used in low cost residential smoke detectors.

Dear Sir,

Please let me know the part number of it?

V. Prakash

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Dear Sir,

@ark5230 Please let me know the part number of it?

V. Prakash

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Dear Sir,

It is for the Beam/ smoke detector application. On the one side it is Laser beam transmitter and on the other side i am going to view tat laser beam spot on the wall using the CCD camera ( 200mm x 200mm). if the smoke blocks the laser beam, that change in laser spot will be scanned by the ccd camera to identify the smoke. It is not in ground. it is high up. Please recommend the ccd camera for this application.

V. Prakash

This solution has many problems. One solution might be to use a black hole for laser beam with white reflector around hole to view diffusion of smoke particles. Then using a PD on a portion of beam centre for reference on peak level behind hole and then a simple Lambertian PD aimed at reflector to view diffused smoke pattern intensity, one can estimate transmission loss by characterizing scattering level to beam centre ratio.

CCD is very inaccurate with AGC and many variables.

Photo Diode (PD) in a tube aimed at reflector around beam at a distance will be more effective.

Then there may be Solar interference, so laser must be pulsed to subtract ambient from peak in the two results.

Another better solution may be to use PD to measure Return Loss or reflection of scattered light from smoke using pulsed wide angle LED high power emitter. Then density of smoke if reflective at chosen wavelength can be estimated by reflected scattering of smoke or possibly smog or fog too.
That is a line tracking detector. 1 IR source and 2 one IR detector. Very cool reliable thing costing not more than Rs 100.
It is svailsble online, a searh will fetch plenty of info.
Delay regretted I am out of station.

In the light beam frm laser diode, a simple LDR will serce the potposr.
Consider this solution as well.

The application being simple, no need to go for complex technology like CCD Cam unless other requirements so dictate.
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