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[SOLVED] Recommend me a dtmf encoder/decoder IC

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I am looking for such IC's which shall be common and cheap.
Any Ideas?

dtmf encoder decoder

Maybe you should give Mitel Semiconductor a try. Anyway, they have rename to Zarlink Semiconductor.

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Look for the following product number :

MT8880C for motorola processor
MT8888C for Intel processor

Hope this helps !

Best Regards
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Thanks all,
I have visited their site.
I am looking for some more companies as well

LC7366-DTMF Generator(with speaker amp)
LC7385-DTMF Receive decoder(with audio filter)

There are required 3.58MHz Xtal.

Look up a 2089 as a part number.
I cant remember the maker - but its a mob in the USA.

For reliability, availability, ease of interface, simplicity of code writing, and COST, its hard to beat the MT8889 from ATMEL though....

We have used for a while, and will keep on using this part in our products!

I'll second the recommendation for the
8880/8888. Almost everyone makes these
generic chips - Mitel, Harris, Central
Micro, Teltone, Claire, etc. Easy to
find, easy to work with, and easy on the
wallet. :smile:


I use MT8880 and workz great!

On 2001-11-07 11:41, Trishool wrote:
MT8880 is good but keep in mind it will delay your communication to 50ms !!!!!


This is true. But in defense of the 88** series,
they were designed to be used in telco applications,
where (I believe) the specs for DTMF call for at least
50ms tones.

Good point you brought up though, since the original
poster didn't specify his application.


Hi Kal ,

Infact most of the guys guess that they can transfer serial data without any headache with such IC's thats why I pointed out that.You pointed it out correct that the original poster didnt SPECIFIED the motive correctly.

Anyone has a nice algo for getting DTMF out of sample data ?
Something real time ? i.e., that can be done under interrupt @ 8KHz?

You can find free source for encoding and decoding DTMF in
Phrack issue 50... There are many interesting sources and
boxes and so on...

.oO Phrack 50 Oo.
Volume Seven, Issue Fifty
13 of 16
DTMF Encoding and Decoding In C
by Mr. Blue

If you can't DL it I can send :)))

Mor information - try with googlesearch :))))

Ups I forgot...

**broken link removed**
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Use Silicon Labs Si3210 chip

Use Silicon Labs
Si3210 chip its cheap also and has many functionalities.

cozmo said:
I am looking for such IC's which shall be common and cheap.
Any Ideas?

Hi wzdreamer, thanx
But i know this article from MrBlue....
I was thinking on something more dinamic, that could
be done on a sample basis.
Maybe i get out with something...
thanx anyway

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