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Recommend books for an RTOS beginner

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Dec 31, 2004
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could anybody help me what could i read to start in the field of real time operating systems
thx a lot :)

rtos beginner

its better first start with RTOS concepts like
1)How RTOS is different from General purpose OS
2)RTOS features
3) scheduling concepts
concentrate more on priority inversion and priority inheritance concepts.....
then u can easily go though any particular RTOS

rtos beginner

Scheduling is the most important topic you need to know to understand how RTOS works, Scheduler is the one which makes operating system real time. Apart from that understanding of Space partitioning is also important to make sure that one task does not disturb operation of other tasks.

rtos beginner

check out this thread... you can find some books...

Re: rtos beginner


you can check out the thread here oso.. i gave few links to some of the ebooks mentioned above..


rtos beginner


are mostly microcontroller based books

give some real rtos stuff
will be appriciated

Re: rtos beginner

Hello all,

I am also beginner to RTOS. I want to strat learning how to use RTOS for differnet microcontrollers and microcprocessors specially for PIC MCU and DSPIC etc. Previously i have done lots of work with PIC microcontroller with Basic and C compilers.

here i want to ask from all of you that ..

Y should RTOS is necessary to work with ..
Y should RTOS knowledge and experience is necessary to make embedded
system application.

What are the startup points rsources and metrials..

plz guide me in this respect..

Re: rtos beginner

Actually modern real time systems are mainly based on complementary concepts of multitasking and intertask communications. A multitasking environment allows a real time application to be constructed as a set of independent tasks each with its own thread of execution and set of system resources. The intertask communication facilities allow these tasks to synchronize and communicate in order to coordinate
their activity. In VxWorks, the intertask communication facilities range from fast
semaphores to message queues and pipes to network-transparent sockets.

Another key facility in real-time systems is hardware interrupt handling, because
interrupts are the usual mechanism to inform a system of external events.

In embedded system memory size is main concern for the application, thats why we generally use RTOS.

Re: rtos beginner

Thank you aryan..

you did mention point that have worth. But you didnt tell me that what are the points to strat with RTOS. I actually belongs to Computer Science field but i m involved in embedded system development from last 3 years due to my interest. I have worked with 8bit microcontrollers in high level languages like C basic etc. I was not eager to learn assambley language.

Now i want to learn more in this field and want to study RTOS and want to devleope applications on . But i dont know where to start. Will you or anyone releted to this field will guide me where and how to start to finaly excel in this field.


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