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[SOLVED] Real PIC Simulator Simulation Speed

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Nov 29, 2010
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I use Real PIC Simulator for simulation. But there is a problem of simulation speed.
There are two speeds given in the software
1) Simulation Speed
2) Real Speed

There is a very big difference of timing in real world and software.When I make projects which work in seconds the software works in milliseconds.I mean I made a counter with a clock speed of 1 HZ but when I tested the program in software it was working in milliseconds.
When I changed real speed option given in the software it has no effect.
But changing Simulation speed does slows down the speed.
The problem is how can we know that calculation we have done in our program will work same when we use in real world because there is no option in the software. Please help me if you know about this software.

I would guess 'simulation' speed is deliberately slowed down so you can visualize the operations and 'Real' sped is as fast as the simulator will run. That depends entirely on the speed of the computer though and will be different from one machie and OS to another. I don't use this software but I would think it safe to consider 'Real' actually means 'unrestricted', in other words not deliberately slowed down. If there is an execution (running) time indicator it will show how many clock cycles have occurred and from that and the clock speed it can show what time would have elapsed in reality. Comparing it to a wall clock proably isn't a valid comparison.


I did use Proteus 7 but I don't think Proteus is a real time simulation software because it works with and without Supply voltage. It works with and without clock frequency. I don't think it can be used for real time calculation.

that is true. But the timing will be accurate. In my experience, the real time that told will be true in my all experiments
there is no need to connect an external power supply in library devises in Proteus .
But you can change the crystal frequency of the desired device.
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