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Reading 2400/8n1 serial input with PIC

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Apr 14, 2011
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I have **broken link removed**(serial ver.).
It's got one serial output pin that sends the data "TTL-level interface, 2400 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit."
How do I read this using PIC?
I'm googleing whole day but no luck.
Could someone please give me a high-level explanation of how to handle this?


first connect the RFID to serial port of PC and then swipe the card and see what output you get.. then based on the output and the number of characters it displays , create an array in the program and receive the incoming data from UART and store it in that array..

If it prints a special character in the first place then ignore the special character when you receive the RFID data...

I think I'm missing something here.
How do I connect it to PC?(there's only one data pin) And how would I see the output?
What if my uC doesn't have usart?
What about bps rate? Is it not important?

Could you elaborate a bit more please?

A pc should have a serial port at its back.. its a Dtype connector with 9 pins. if it has only 1 data pins, then pin to rx of the Dtype connector i.e. pin 2 of the connector along with a common ground. open hyperterminal software in the pc and select the COMport you have connected from the drop down box. then set the comport settings as 2400 8 N1 settings and then use it to see the data of the RFID reader. swipe the card and see the data in the hyperterminal window......

Thanks for answers.
I wasn't able to set up the RFID<->PC connection but I found this article:
**broken link removed**
It says that those readers are sending data in format:0x0A-five-bytes-of-data-0x0D
It also says that it cannot be connected to PC without additional hardware, which I don't care because that's not my goal, I need to read it into my PIC.

Knowing the format of data "[10]12345[13]" and transmission params "TTL-level 2400/8n1" how do I read it using PIC?


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