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Questions about working on turbo codes

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Nov 26, 2005
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turbo codes

I want to start working on turbo codes. I have read and heard alot about it. I want to discuss these questions :
1- which software is more proper to simulate complete channel coding aspects based on umts standard? some say matlab is too low speed for this purpose. what about programing in c ?
2-i do not know much about c programing. is it possible to write c codes of simulation turbo codes in 3 or 4 mounth? where can I find some good code sources which can help me.
3-is it possible to implement this channel coding standard (umts) using DSK boards. I need to know what are the exact equipments needed.
I will appriciate any idea from you.

turbo codes

from my experience matlab is efficient and all peoples will accept if u do in MATLAB only.
all other coding wont give effective channel effiency.

turbo codes

Hi its good to implement Turbo codes in C... ya matalab simulation takes really huge time... to plot ebno curve upto a ber 10 e -5 in matlab it takes nearly 1 or 1.5 days but in c it took hardly 30 minutes.... yes u can implement within 2 months if u work properly....

turbo codes

sorry for this question, but i need to know
if i want to simulate a simple example on a channel coding (turbo coding) using matlab, is going to take as long as you mentioned before, or is it because it
is a complete simulation of a Umts standard??


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Re: turbo codes

I will say, if you are working on error correcting code research, pls go for C language. If you are more keen on implementation (or just to complete school project), I will say MATLAB is the best. I have my turbo code in both matlab and c language.As mentioned, the speed is really fast for C language. But, for the sake of convenience, I will say Matlab is the best. Since you need to complete within 2-3 months,I will suggested you to do it by using matlab.

There are quite alots of well developed turbo code written in MATLAB. For me, I am using this turbo code for my research.
**broken link removed**
This matlab code is well written and 100% correct. Hope you can make use of it.

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