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Questions about some LabVIEW functions

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Mar 4, 2007
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hi to all,

I have just started to work on labview..I have studied
most of the functions palette available with
it..During that I have found some of problems in which
I need help from labview users...

I hope that I will get better answers from the

My doubts are..............

(1) How to work with EVENT Structure?..Can anybody
explain with one example.
(2) I need some small bt best examples related to FILE
(3) How to write in Formula node?..Is it compulasory
to write in C/C++ in formula node?..suppose if i want
to write y = x^3+2 what will be the solution for it?..
(4) How shift register works?..any
(5) How flat sequence/stacked sequences are used?,...

Please send me replys as soon as possible bz only
after getting the answers I can able to go ahead in

Hope for the best answers..


Re: LabVIEW Help

(4) The shift register is ussualy used in loops for iterative calculation - it returns the result from the previous execution of the loop. At the first cycle, it returns the initialization value wired to it.
In Labview you cant connect the input of a block to its output - error, so to compute x[n]=x[n-1]+y[n], you connect one input of the sum block to the shift register output, and the sum output to the shift reg input.

(5)The flat/stacked sequence will have a number of cells, squares inside. You can add a new new square with a right click. Being a graphic programing environment, Labview will execute everything on the design page in an non controlled way. It starts all the operations for which it has data in parallel.
The flat/stacked sequence can inforce an order of execution of the blocks in the cells - execution starts in order, with the leftmost cell first.
A typical application is 1. opening a device for communication(egg. serial port, sound card) , 2. transfering data and 3. closing it.
In this case, you put the blocks needed for, 1,2,3 in 3 cells of a flat sequence, and you are sure that data transfer is not started before device open.

To understand better the execution order and debugging, activate the Highlight execution button, near Run. It will show data flowing during execution.

Re: LabVIEW Help

As i said to all people that start with Labview.

The most important part of Labview it is the wide set of examples that you have when you intall it.

Go to menu:

Help -> Find Examples

and a window will be open. In this window you can "Browse", "Search" and so on.

For example, go to search and write "shift". The labview example browser will show you serveral examples of use.

As you are new. I recomend to you use the debug mode at block diagram in order to see how the algorithm wroks.

Debug mode is set if you hit in the light simbol (at right of the pause simbol).


Re: LabVIEW Help

I am trying to solve two problems...

what is the best way to solve problems like....

1. i want to make one VI that like I rolls 25 times die and need to count each of numbers in one 1 is generated 10 times and so on....
What I did?... I had make one array in which i generate random numbers in between 1 to i would like to separate or count the each numbers....
plz dont say that this example is given in solution 1....i dont want to see in solution...i need help from the members....atleast give me a to solve the problem....

2. In which i would like to generate Prime Number in range of 0-500 and set that numbers in one array whose answer is 100 when i multiplicate that prime number using 3...
for example...If i get 37 as a prime number than it will set in 1 index bz its multiplication with 3 gives me more than 100 number....

I request members that plz give me a hint to solve the problems...I m in try to solve the problem bz I have completed only B1...i required your help..

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