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[SOLVED] question in solidworks drawings

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Oct 27, 2010
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if i created a 2d drawing from a 3d file in solidworks, and later on changed either the directory or the name of the 3d file, when i open the file of 2d drawing i find that all the views disappears and some hash lines are created instead, is there any way of fixing this without having to redraw the 2d file of this part all over again?

Scale output 1:1 enabled
End Point Merging enabled
Export all splines as polylines
Export all sheets to one file
Sheet scale set accordingly
View scales set to sheet
When doing a save-as .dwg and having the settings like this, the .dwg is created the main views are set to a 1:1 scale and your title block is scaled up to match.

i just mean for example if i created a 3d file with name xyz.sldprt and then in this file i click file, make drawing and then created the 2d file in solidworks drawing. After that i changed the name od the xyz.sldprt to abc.sldprt and open again the drawing file i already created previously i will find that the file is missing all the drawings how can i update it again to read the 3d file that i changed it's name. I am sorry if i was not clear in the first time.

I found a solution to this so i am sharing with anyone who needs help, first open solidworks, press tools then solidworks explorer and then open any part or drawing or any file in solidworks and then you can rename or change location and update all other files using this file as a refrence

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