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[QUE]recommendation of hardware for cds5033

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May 28, 2003
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I wish to buy a computer in the near future mainly to run cds5033, and plan to install RH linux7.2 or FC3.
I have some questions to ask:
1. I wish to use P4 processor, and wanna know if 64bit is supported.
2. SATA harddisk is supported?
3. more than 3G memory is supported?
4. videocard recommendation? nvidia or ATI chipset? PCI-E is supported?

1.FC3 maybe have 64bit version .
2.FC3 support.
3.maybe or you have to compile kernel by yourself.
4.sorry, i don't know.Maybe it's a good idea.

I have learnt that Cadence don't support 64bit Intel x86 CPU and only IA-64.

I wonder if anyone could give me a resonable configuration of My hardware plateform whether server or PC, or give me some valuable advice on it. thanks!

I use IDE disc, because often SATA could be not automaticly recognized (altought this problem can be solved).


Concerning SATA hard discs, newer kernels schould recognise its. For example I'm using Suse 9.3 and he recognised my SATA disc without problems.

i wonder if 64bit intel CPU could compatible with CDS5033?

pigkiller said:
i wonder if 64bit intel CPU could compatible with CDS5033?

pigkiller said:
i wonder if 64bit intel CPU could compatible with CDS5033?

Just to add:
it is also compatible with AMD 64-bit x2 dual core processor. CDS50033 compatibility is usually smaller problem, than old linux (like RH7.x) support for new processor architecture.

If you are running IC, RHEL 3.0 is the most recommended. I don't understand the issue..

i just want to mix Intel 64bit CPU & RHEL WS3 & SATA HD & CDS5033 together, if there are some problems, pls let me know as soon as possible.


I'm not sure if there can be some problems, but before you start with instalation may be good idea to check if RHEL WS3 suport your SATA drive. If this is true than you shouldn't encounter any problems.


- Hardwares (VGA, HD) support depend on OS.
- 3GB memory limit is due to software itself, while 4GB is limitation of 32-bit architecture.
- IC5033 can run on x86-64 both from Intel and AMD, but only operate in 32-bit mode.

Hi guys!

Just finished my installation. The machine: Opteron 144, 2G of DDRAM Dual Channel, MSI MS7093 ATI based motherboard, 250 GB SATA drive. I've installed on the machine CentOS 3.6 (which basically is RHEL 3.6). Even if it's kernel 2.4 (which is good for EDA), this linux distribution was able to recognize the SATA controller and it installed it smoothly. There were only 2 problems:
1. video driver - I've just downloaded it from worked ok 24 bit 1280x1024...could do higher but don't have a monitor...
2. system clock was running twice as fast as normal......a bug related to ATI RS480 chipset. Kernels higher than 2.6.12 have this fixed, however I wanted to stick to 2.4 so adding some parameters to the kernel to avoid using APIC fixed it.

Probably the IC5033 hack described in this forum would have worked, but being lazy I just installed IC5033 on a RH 7.3 machine that I had on the network and copied it to the new far it seems to work altough it complains about errno.h ... will let you guys know these days if problems appear.

By the way, Opteron is 64 bit, installed 64 bit CentOS...everything seems fine....


I would greatly appreciate if anyone can share their experience or thoughts on performance comparision of running 32bit application on single-core vs dual-core, 64bit vs 32bit OS.

More specifically, is there performance gain on running 32bit EDA software such as IC5141 or IC5033 on 64bit OS such as FC4 or Solaris 10 using Opteron? Also, will there be any performance gain using dual-core Opteron (again using IC5141 or IC5033 as basis of comparision)?

Thanks alot!!


How is your machine running? Have you encounter any issues? I would like to put together a box running IC5141 as well.


If you are running 32-bit binaries, the performance increase one be so much.
If you are running 64-bit binaries you'll probably see about a 20% to 30% increase in performace. Disk size, disk speed, memory size, and memory speed are just as important.

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