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Q Light- Smart Nightlight that can See, Talk and Dance

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Oct 23, 2014
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What's Q Light?

Q Light is designed with a cute panda shape, and has no power cord; it simply plugs directly into a power socket. It is a smart induction nightlight, that automatically turns on when you need it.

Q Light integrates a monitoring camera and safety alarm. Once an abnormal intrusion detected, it will take pictures and send the alerts to your mobile phone. It comes with a high-efficiency infrared light, so even at night, you can see as clearly as by day. You can also turn the ALARM mode OFF via App.

Q Light supports over 16 million colors. You can set the color and brightness via APP according to the atmosphere. Q Light can leave a voice message to your family, sing a lullaby or tell a story to your baby, dance to music, act as children's alarm clock, charge your phone, etc.

Appearance Design
Q Light ships with a cute cartoon panda design. It's very small, approximately 78 x 72 x 30mm (hight x width x depth).

The panda’s facial features skilfully integrate the high-efficiency infrared light, the camera, the highly sensitive PIR motion and light sensors, and the microphone, all of which give it the appearance of a live panda since it can see, can talk and can dance! It is a cute and compact, functionally decorative item.

Customized Lighting
Q Light supports millions of colors that one can arbitrarily choose to enjoy a variety of colors that fit a specific activity or mood. One can also simply adjust the brightness level, from dim to bright or any point in between. Additionally, when turning the light on or off, it provides a brightness gradient process, which allows one's eyes to adjust to the change in light more comfortably.

Intelligent Induction
In a perfect world, all lights would simply be on when one wants them to be, and would never need to be manually shut off. Q Light is fully automatic to this end.

  • Light Sensor - Q Light automatically detects ambient light intensity. It is so environmental-friendly that when the ambient light is brighter than the preset, the lamp will not light up.
  • Motion Sensor - Q Light automatically senses motion within five meters. The light will turn on when one is near it, and it will automatically turn off 20 seconds after one goes away.
  • Sound Sensor - Q Light detects nearby sounds within 10 meters. It will automatically light up upon detecting the selected volume threshold. You can adjust the sound level to match certain needs (such as footsteps, but not a cat purring).
  • Phone control - Users can set the startup time through mobile phones. For example, one can preset it to turn a light on/off multiple times in a single day or each day of the week. On/off cycles can also be scheduled.The above trigger conditions (light sensor, motion sensor, sound sensor) can also be combined to activate independently of the schedule.

Anti-thief Alarm
Q Lights are thoughtfully designed to bring peace of mind through easy and accessible means. When the anti-thief alarm mode is set, Q Light will take a picture and send an alert to your phone whenever motion is detected, you will know what's going on in your home and take actions.

Q Light comes with a high-efficiency infrared light, potent enough to illuminate up to a distance of 10m. One can get clear photos, even during the night.

Security Camera
Simply want to see what's happening at home? Let Q Light help. Just click the camera button on Q Light APP, it will take a picture and send it back to your phone immediately.

Smart Talking
Have a reminder (to the family or even oneself)? You can record a voice message by app and send it to Q Light. When someone passes by it, this sound will be played automatically. A notice will be sent to you, so you can know this message have been played.

Have a baby at home? You can record a singing of lullaby, and send it to Q Light, it will replay the song to your child. Story machine is a good idea also, send stories to Q Light then let Q Light tell them.

Sleep Mode
Q Light's sleep mode provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to support a good sleep. It comes with soft nature sounds, such as bird songs, wind, rain etc., that help your get into lull dreamland.

When sleep mode is selected, the device starts to play the music you choose and dims the light at preset level, then it slowly turns down the light and music, setting a relaxing atmosphere leading to a sweet sleep. You can set the time, music and lights via our APP.

Dance to music
When this mode is activated, Q Light intelligently provides a light show by listening to any nearby music it detects. The lights will “dance” to the music and change colors and brightness with the rhythm (the beat and frequency of music).

Children's Alarm Clock
The Children's Alarm Clock will help your children to get up "on their own". At preset time, the music sounds and the colored light turns on to wake you up in the morning.You can set the clock's volume, color and brightness on your phone.

Power (USB Charger)
Q Light is equipped with a standard USB-A charging port, you can easily charge your mobile phone or other USB devices.

Smart Control by Phone
Q Light can be controlled completely from your mobile phone, the operation is simple and convenient by merely connecting to WIFI and configuring with one key. You can download our free APP from Google Play or Apple Store.

Back and support us on Kickstarter: https://kck.st/1CM5qoC

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