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Pulser Circuit needed

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Sep 14, 2007
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I like to start by saying that "I'm a AMATURE". Now that's out the way. I need some help.

I have effectively designed a water fuel cell the splits water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The design works just great, but I need to send a pulse to the electrobes so that I can tune the device and the only way to do these effectively is to create some kind of oscillation device (I think).

I'll be using a standard 12VDC car battery which is rated somewhere around 30 to 40 amps. I don't have the enough knowledge to create one. Need help!

Thanks in advance

bills pulser

try this....
the output is taken from the point where the capacitor meets the collector of the transistor... this is a simple one... maybe you can try a 555 timer too....

how to make dc pulser

i produced lots of gas using this ramp drive system
it uses two sets of electrodes

here is a design

download proteus vsm demo or lite will do

not a new idea but always can be optimised using a microcontroller

the start of a microcontroller design is there

i built the older 555 timers and cd4059 design on vero
{ cd4059 is hard to find so i asked texas for some sample chips go to there site and register most it will cost you is postage from u/s}
not so usefull now to me for making fuel as i use just DC 9v {not 12 its too high}
it seems its best
using electrodes made from stainless steel wool shavings and two balloon egg whisks trick here is to make a huge surface area to develop gas from

but remember to make sure electrodes can never touch to control reaction
i use a plastic pipes and valve to seperate liquid vesels each has its own electrode so the highly explosive gas can never be mixed or flash ignited
this allows for control over what gas mix tou want to inject
forinstance raw water yields too much oxygen and will destroy the top end of a piston engine if you use the 2/1 mix raw
its a good idea to reduce the oxygen and instead remix it with exhausts to reinject via a turbo

also watch out for salts buildup !!!!

i use the schematics pwm version as a fast plater with full adjust
for making thru plate pcbs using dc to thruplate predrilled holes to blanked board
each side is one electrode and bath of copper sulphate
works better at this job but interesting for you i feel

youll find some images to follow and the schematics

good luck

ps i sent you some points incase you need to download somethings..

i also made up a design i was thinking about it uses 2.349ghz microwave exciter
and intermodulated DC to tear the atoms apart while AC induction coupled to the flow carries the gas to the right end of the mixed mode valve inner jacket

if your interested in sharing views you can email or pm me your msn or icq
details and we can chat online about this topic

a note to the disbelevers

there is heeps of spoof films made by the americans that rotate around this topic
as not practicle
basicaly becouse big companies want your dow for natural gas

a black guy made a simple cooking system from a gas bottle and some nails + 9v dc from a solarcell
he even made an apperance on bbc tv
the next week he got home to brasil someone {who owns a gas suppliers} shot him thru the head and killed his family

so... one week later the american goverment slapped a patent on this system and any made using microcontroller systems

but not values so watch this space ill post the design tomorrow
for some views and input

so.. dont beleve any gas others make that it wont work
becouse it already does and VERY well

you cant drive stupid petrol pistons engines on it alone
but working efficiently youll half your fuel bills or more

however vankle engines used for this task i think will be very much more efficent and will show less wear to there skirts and values

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