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Proskit element Thermocouple Idendification?

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Sep 25, 2010
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My question is simple, how to identify a thermocouple type, i would not go on color coding because i always see on internet that a K type thermocouple is red and yellow, but every K type thermocouple i bought is black and red, even those came with UNI-T multimeter.
I have bought a Proskit heating element

**broken link removed**

i want to know if its a K type so i can hook it up with AD595, thanks.

If you encounter a thermocouple that does not comply to the ANSI standard. You should contact the vendor for more detailed information about its operation, scaling, and connectivity. Standards may also vary by country.



If still in doubt, simply hook it up supposing its K type and see the results.
This is a custom made product, it doesn't need to respect industry standards for color codes. Although type K is good guess, you need to identify the TC type by measurement or refer to reliable information in product documents.

Well i have contacted to the manufacturers but no response yet, my room temperature now is 17-18 degree c on a multimeter using a K type thermocouple, when i insert this element thermocouple then it shows the exact temperature range. considering 0volts on 0 degree and thermocouple sensitivity i.e. uV/degreeC then if it would have been J type then it would have been way above, T type is not possible since it measures only up to 350 C. so i also think its a k type for sure.

ok about the element thermocouple, proskit has responded and its an E type. i also have experimented with my multimeter which uses k type, i powered up this 24v element with a 15v transformer so thats it stays at low temperature, when the temperature was stable at 352 degree c with a k type thermocouple, i pluged out the k type and inserted the leads of element thermocouple and the result was 432 degree C. the only curves steeper than k type are J and E types. so i guess they are being honest. and it make sense because using steeper curves wont require op-amps with very small offset voltage, hence reducing their cost.

well as far as my concern my Ad595 is a waste then. now i can only use it with E type, measure the ad595 voltage at every 5 degree step and make a look up table in the pic controller, the values between the 5 degree jump would be linear and it wont make that big error i suppose, i hope i can use this ic as an op-amp, catch me if i am wrong.

The AD595 datasheet describes recalibration for type E thermocouple. For high precision, it must be done individually, because it depends on unspecified internal resistor values. A recalibration is necessary however to make the reference compensation work with type E, a software correction can't achieve it.

I guess, for the accuracy requirement of a solder tool, the typical recalibration given in the datasheet can be sufficient.

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