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Prolem with Acrobat PDF Writer

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Jan 16, 2002
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I'm not suure if anyone else's got the same problem. I've got Adobe PDF writer 5 and was working fine with Office 2000. After I installed office xp, conversion of documents into pdf format has got some conversion errors... i.e black font becomes blue, symbols become different... any ideas?



I do not haven't got any problems with ofcXP/Acrobat, do you have the same problems with distiller?

Is the installation made properly (sorry for asking), there have been some problems with early versions of acrobat and ofc, you have to do choose the pdf writer when installing. If you made an update perhaps you just updated the rest and not the pdfwriter.

Uninstall acrobat and install it again and check so everything is installed and see if it helps.

Good luck

I haven't had this problem before with earlier versions of msoffice until I decided to intall officexp. It has nothing to do with the installation process. I suspect I may need a patch but haven't manage to see any on their website. I've also had problems with the distiller... works ok with IE, but not office xp....

Where does distiller fail ? IF you can print to a postscript file, distiller should have no problem making it a PDF. If the postscript printer deriver does not work, check Ad0be site for updates/ patches.



Sorry I forgot to mention that if you have the old version of acrobat (before 5.05?) then you might get problem with acrobat and need to DL a patch.

You can DL a patch at adobe homepage, but only for english versions I think.

I give you the link instead of UL the patch.

Good luck

My version is indeed before 5.0.5 (5.0.0). The link you've recommended seems to have a problem... many thanx once again...

Re: Problem with Acrobat PDF Writer

Did you upgrade from Win 2000 to Win XP, i.e. no installation of Win XP on a newly formatted harddisk? If so, this might be an explanation for problems with Acrobat 5.0. And with several other Windows applications too (I have experience...)

The best way is to uninstall Acrobat 5, reboot (important!) and install again. Then, don't forget to update from 5.0 to 5.05, which contains several fixes for Win XP. The upgrade is downloadable from

**broken link removed**


One suggestion..... load acrobat again after XP/office... Some of the font and system files are used commonly and later installed software overwrites the existing..... want to work with acrobat writer ....install it again may solve ur problem.


You can download the newest version of Acrobat Writer, and uninstall the old version of it , and install the newest version.

there's better solution...

download ps/eps printer driver from adobe web site and install it. you can then print everything in eps/ps and than easily convery it to pdf with distiller.


I'm using an other pdf convertor than adobe's - maybe you should try it .

thanks guys... the problem appears to be with office xp sp1.... upgrading to sp2 would solve the problem....

other pdf writer.....

Here it is other PDF writer..... it is freely available on web.... for windows

Also can anybody tell me from where to download acrobat5 complete.????



For Office XP you need to update acrobar 5 to version v5.05. The update can be downloaded for free at **broken link removed**

Good luck.

I am useing scansoft Professional
that is vrey good converter
form _ to PDf
try v3 or 4

Your problem is due to lack of new fonts.
When you see the strange symbols or blank parts, it's because of the unknown font.
So you can simply install some new fonts and if the problem didn't solve, re-install pdf writer.

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