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programmin PIC without programmer

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Mar 11, 2006
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What i want to do is directly program PIC without going into ICprog, MikroC..etc. THe project i have in mind is FPGA with PIC in which the FPGA will be able to upload new data to the PIC without the programmers. I know this program for soccer robot which u can change the robot algorithm and it uses PIC for its controller. Any ideas to do this will be great. thanx in advance.

u han to design some kind of handheld programmer... for this download pic programming specifications form micro chip website......
another and easy way is use bootloadr for your pic ... by this u can update ney hex file through pic serialport

Many PICs are capable of self reprogramming. It would probably be more efficient to simply use am external EEPROM and allow the PIC to download new firmware as needed.

I think a bootoloader is a easy solution, if your pic is capable of... (pic16f87xA- you can find the application note at

implementing a PIC programmer, is a very advanced solution... but also you can use LVP (low voltage programming) I think that's what you need... (I never used or researched this... but i remember seeing an application somewhere, maybe at

Implemeting a HVP (high voltaje [12v] programmer) is more complicated... (well, just the 12v from nominal 5v)

well, I think you dont need to program all the algorithm (like the soccer robot) but maybe just to implement a command interpreter... so, like blueroomelectronics said, write this "commands" in a small eeprom like i2c 24c08 an where you can write from the FPGA and read from the pic... (i2c the great multimaster bus...)

well, I was guessing... How are you going to download data/program ??? serial cable? rf? (sorry I didn`t pay attention to soccer robots on the net... so I don`t know how they were "updated"...)
(If you already have a serial cable, maybe for manual controls, you should use the serial bootloader... if you are planning on use an RF or something noisy, use a eeprom interpreter (even the internal eeprom!!))

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