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Problems with designing 8-layer board in PowerPCB4.0

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May 31, 2002
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PowerPCB4.0 Problem

Hi,freinds here,
I met with a problem when using PowerPCB4.0,that is:
I am designing a 8-layer board,when using the autoroute function,it dosn't route in the inner signal layers,what's wrong with it?
My PCB layer stack-up is: 1.Top Layer
3.Signal Layer
4.Power Plane
5.Power Plane
6.Signal Layer
8.Bottom Layer
Please help me solve this problem!

Before you do autoroute, you have to make sure all the Routing Layers have been selected. By doing that, you can go to Setup--->Design Rules--->Default--->Routing. If on the Selected Layers don't have Signal Layers there, you cannot route them, so you can add them on the Selected Layers. Good Luck.

Thanks to HytekPro.
Another question:

1)How to perform the group routing,because my PCB work contains so many buses,I want to route these buses as same length as possible.

2)My PCB contains many differential lines,how to route these differential lines in the same length? I kown that there is a setting in PowerPCB to set the differential line,but how to perform the route?

3)My PCB contains a RAMBUS,as we know that RAMBUS is sensitive to the impedence,how to calculate the impedence?i.e how to perform high speed design in PowerPCB?(There are may high frequency clocks in my board)

Thanks to any freinds who can kindly help me!!!

Did you see drbell posted this, maybe useful for your 3rd question :

**broken link removed**


If you have many Buses on the design, you should create the Classes for them. After you create the different Classes for different Buses, you can use the HiSpeed rule to make them as close as you can. It depents on the set up on the HiSpeed rule.
For the Differential line, you are better to use manual instead of auto. You can also use the Differential Pairs in the Design Rule but that not too good.

in prower pcb 4 i found a serious problem in the database, often the job file get damaged and some time not able to retrive the job file, any solution for that

Re: PowerPCB4.0 Problem

If the design gets fatal error then you can retrive the file from the backup location specified in the SETUP-->PREFERENCES-->GLOBAL-->BACKUPFILES.Here you can also set the time interval and number of backups

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