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Problems with adding time delay to block diagram in LabVIEW

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Jun 22, 2006
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Hi guys,

I am new to labVIEW.

I am currently working on adding a time delay into my block diagram in labVIEW.


Brief description:

There will be a counter(numeric 4) that keeps counting. It will be continuously divided by 30 and the result will be displayed at numeric 3.

When numeric 3 (remainder) becomes 0 (after divided by 30), an LED(turn) be turned on.

When numeric 3 is not 0, another LED(Keep going) will be turned on.

The problem is this:

I want to extend the light up timing of LED(turn) for 5 seconds after it lights up, even WHEN numeric 3 is NOT 0 anymore. Before switching off.

But I cannot do this because the circuit is running continuously. So as long as numeric 3 is NOT 0, it i will be turned off.

I tried doing a loop in loop, and adding a time delay of 5s inside the sub loop. But it does not work because it delays the circuit outside of the sub loop too.

It delays the circuit altogether. Which is not what I wanted.


Can i get advise on how do I go about doing this?

And is there any changes in the block diagram that I could make, including the additions and removing of new components?

Thank you and I apologize for the brief context as I am new to labVIEW and cannot explain in detail.

Re: LabVIEW problems

Maybe you can try a timed loop if you are using labview version 7 and above,

I think you can find help more readily at NI labview discussion forum.

Hope it helps

Re: LabVIEW problems

I will try the timed loop function.

And I've posted the question to NI labview forum.


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