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Problems regarding use of MOSFETs in ORCAD

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Jun 1, 2011
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I have been designing few current mode circuits in ORCAD through BJTs... now i have begin to use MOSFETs and encountering problems...
i) Which MOSFET should be used preferably?
ii) One of the MOSFETs is inoperative irrespective of the Vcc and current values...(it was inserted from BREAKOUT)... what can the problem be?
iiii) How can we change the operation modes of the MOSFETs in ORCAD?

OrCAD does have a lack of MOSFETs... I think you may find some power MOSFETs somewhere in the libraries, but they wont behave like ideal MOSFET models. On a similar note, it is just as difficult to find low-power MOSFETs in a single package in practise.
I've used the IRFD110 and works very well as a Current source.
ALso I've used MOSFET as amplifiers and they work very well.
And Yes you can't find all MOSFET os the world. And not all manufacturers support their devices in PSPICE.
but well
If you need more information to use MOSFET as a source please let me know.
Breakout parts are generic models, they would work like ideal devices. You can do edit model on part (mosfet) and modify the model parameter. Alternatively you can use specific part no. PSpice has 1000+ mosfet models.
Another way is just using ORCAD as netlist generator. Then use hspice, spectre or any other simulators for other true process model.
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