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Problem with loading a hex file to 2 board memory

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Oct 28, 2007
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hi there¡ I'm so happy for being the owner of a powerful development board, but i 've got some problems using it. The most important is that i can't pass a builded and debugged .hex file to the device's memory and i'm so angry about that.I'm ussing MPLAB IDE 7.62 I've tried with every programmer (pincipally the AN851 Quick Beta what is default's) and every programmer returns what isn't available and the AN851 can't find anything in any COM. Please help me. Thanks.

an851 quick programmer

Bootloaders can be easily destroyed by over-writing the first byte or two of the target PICs code space.
You really should avoid bootloaders for development and keep them simply for field firmware updates.
You need an ICD such as an ICD2 or PICkit 2 to rebuild the bootloader or avoid the bootloader and just use the ICD (a much better solution) programer

Ok, so I need a ICD Programmer?? the don't have your own programmer?™ 2

hidetoshinakt said:
Ok, so I need a ICD Programmer?? the don't have your own programmer?

That's correct. It's designed to work with an ICD2 (RJ-12)
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picdem net

The bootloader should have some kind way to prevent configureation bit from damaging, especially the oscillating setting.

If the config. bits are damaged, the only way to bring it back is using programmer re-load the program to the chip. You can use microchip ones: ICDs, PICkits, etc. Or third party tools.

Re: 2

Hi Fellas,

I'm just getting started and realized the kit calls for the MPLAB ICD 2/3... noticing you guys discussing the Pickit 2 Programmer- will I be okay using the Pickit 3 and the (ICD 2 to ICSP) adapter?

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