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Problem programming XC95108

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Mar 17, 2003
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Hi everyone !
I have very well known programmer for CPLD with two 75HC125 .. i have target XC95108 .. I`m using WebPack 5.1 and win 2000 ..
So when i give to iMPACT auto initialize he finds the target recognize it and initialize the chain successfull .. comand read blank,readback , get id etc except erase and program are working ok... when i try to erase the device it tells me that device is erased successfull but the program is stocked for a while .. when I try to program device the program is stocked for a long time and is necessary to kill it .. there is a little communiaction, when programming, may be one bit at a second but device is not programmed .. any ideas how to resolve this problem ?
Thanks ..

programmer problem

the problem is from your programmer,you should check the TMS pin
go to debug chain and check the tms pin,how long is the wire that
you use for connection to the parallel port,you should notice that
it shouldn't be longer than 25cm.
else send me the schematic of your programmer circuit i think some part of it should be corrected.

We ran 30+ ft cat-5 cable without problem ;->

Did you see "XC95108 unsupported" when you scan the chain?

Hi !
I found my problem ..
there is an option in the preferences called "program device in concurrent mode"
so this option was "on" but it is only valid when you have more than one device in the chan ( I gues) .. but I have only one .. so I turned off and everything is fine now ..
Thanks ..

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